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Either Bruce or Diana get drunk - I'm talking new liver rat-arsed - and the other has to take them home.
Things are said. Revelations are made. And expensive items are chundered.



(This challange was originally issued on the "A Taste of Paradise" Yahoo! Group. 'm now posting it here, along with the fics that were written in response.)

Any new fics for this are always welcome.

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Alfred/Diana related fic.


(This challange was originally issued on the "A Taste of Paradise" Yahoo! Group.)

Any new fics for this are always welcome.

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Adrian Tullberg started it all with this message, posted at our Yahoo Group.


Wrote something on a message board set in the Animated Universe.
However, since I don't get the Animated Universe over here - I'm letting anybody who wants this scenario take it and run.
Here we go ...

"She'll be what?"

"Deported." Superman looked around before turning back to Green Lantern. "Cadmus had other supporters besides Luthor, in all sorts of fields. Government, business, law enforcement - the people who greased the wheels with Luthor's money. Just because they don't have the cash anymore doesn't mean they're going to change their minds about superhumans being a threat."

"So why target Diana?"

"Hasn't been around as long as a lot of us, so she can't call as many favours, but has a pretty big media profile. Making her persona non grata from US shores would send a pretty big message to super humans and their supporters."

Flash leaned back. "So what could we do?"

J'onn looked up from his deliberations. "Have her apply for political asylum due to her status as a Themysciran exile."

"Takes time. I get a feeling that those who want her out are making sure it's pretty damn quick. If Clark Kent hadn't gotten that tip-off, we wouldn't have known until the INS rolled up at one of our press conferences with half the US forces as back-up."

Stewart frowned. "Get a passport from another country?"

"Then they'd find another reason to kick her out, or obstruct her progress in the US." Superman rubbed the back of his head. "If we could get her citizenship, or legal protection of some sort, we could buy some time and support."

"Too bad she hasn't got a boyfriend."


The Flash leaned back. "They could go to Vegas and get married by an Elvis impersonator. Then she gets her green card."

Everyone around the table looked at each other.

"Elvis impersonator?"

"That would be so cool."

"No it wouldn't."

"C'mon! The jumpsuit, the sequins..."

"West, you are severely disturbed."

"Seriously; a few hours in a monkey suit, or rockin' down the aisle to Jailhouse Rock?"

"I pity any woman who loses her mind for that long."

"Superman doesn't think it's that bad!" Superman had gotten up from the table, heading out, deep in thought.

"Help a buddy out!"

"Probably going for the men in the white suits."

"You got no sense of style, Stewart. None."



* * *

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A generic fanfic challenge for writers who need to be inspired...


Here's a random challenge for all of you with writers block.

60 points – Your story must:

1. Have Batman show signs of an addiction to coffee
2. Have Wonder Woman wear a fancy dress
3. Have a scene in which Superman says a very dramatic and famous quote
4. Have J’onn go out on a date
5. Have John and Shayera fight over something that remains a secret to the audience until the end
6. Have at least two of the guys watching a ‘chick flick’
7. Have someone (other than Wally) on a sugar high
8. Have someone getting a make-over or some sort of fashion consulting
9. Have someone get into a telepathic argument with J’onn
10. Have someone’s emotions represented by little people living in their heads
11. Have a talking parrot that annoys at least four members of the League
12. Have someone ‘drowning their sorrows’ in a substance of your choice (-3 points if it’s J’onn because his date didn’t go well)

5 Extra points (each) for:

-Someone writing an email
-Lois Lane
-a Hippo
-a food fight of some sort
-the word ‘charcuterie’
-someone who thinks that there’s a person on the other side of the mirror
-a pumpkin, mistletoe, and an Easter egg (and it can’t just be a list of items [similes, however, are acceptable])
-someone learning a new word (but not ‘charcuterie’)
-Captain Atom, Supergirl, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Nightwing, Oracle, or any of the Teen Titans

Please leave a comment if you're going to attempt it so that we can be on the look out for your story!

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Tell Diana's feelings toward Bruce through Alice Cooper's Poison.

Set the story at Themyscira

Have her be talking to Hippolyta While she rolling this over in her mind.

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We've been discussing Slash stories in the forum and I thought why not issue a challange.  Everyone interested there is on major rule.  This story while a slash fic is meant to send Bruce to Diana.  Not as a friend, or sister (Don't ask I don't even like thinking about those stories.), but as a lover and perhaps something more.  Basically you pick a pairing that you believe would upset Bruce beyond any normal means of keeping him from admiting his feelings for Diana.  Daisy Jane is going to edit up the story I wrote and it will be posted in this challenge later.  The pairing I chose was SM and F.  Not them together but both going for BM. 


You can get as grapic and evil as you like.


That said enjoy.

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Bruce and Diana have very different, very complimentary strengths and weaknesses. Bruce is wary of metas and Diana's never been without her super-strength and meta-abilities. Imagine a situation in which Diana loses her powers and Bruce gains them. How would Bruce react to being more than human? How would Diana handle being without her powers? Would Diana be able to accept falling in love with a man physically much stronger than herself?

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Summary: Uh, oh! Sometimes you just have a bad day! *someone vomits Oreo's (NOT J'hon) *someone is late for something *someone's kid is sick *a condom fails, so someone gets pregnant *Flash or Batman is turned into a pug (small dog)
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I would like you guys to create a challenge where everyone in the original seven members of the Justice League are fighting with someone else one the original seven. Have Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash on one side of the argument while John, Jon'z, and Shayera on the other. While Superman fights to regain control, while having serious Bat problems. They are all trending on thin ice, so be careful. And remember, Batman and Shayera both have serious anger issues- so what happens when both snap at each other?

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Challenge: a dark, angst story about betrayal.

Batman has a relationship with Diana for sometime, but when bruce was about to (pop the question or make the relationship public) he finds Diana cheating on him with superman. It will be Zatanna that helps Bruce recover from the despair.

In the story Diana needs to realize the mistake she had done, but it should be to late for the relationship to work. the situation should affect the league, especially with an angry and betrayed Batman.

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