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ive always liked the the batman wonder woman pairing eversins i saw the justice leagie cartoon.

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Summary: Bruce Wayne and Diana prince from earth prime are searching for superboy prime. The problem is Bruce's device that lets him and Diana to travel to different universe has been damaged in scuffle with a super villain. so the earth they will slide to is now completely random. use any number of universe's, marvel, idw, image included. the amount of time Bruce and Diana stay in the different universe is completely random. they only get to go back home to earth prime once they find superboy prime.
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here is the idea what if Apolo looked into the future and saw the new 52 reset would happen that night and gose to inform the other god's and goddess of it angers Aphrodite because batman/bruce wayne had asksed wonder woman/diana price [that is the civilian identity bruce made for her so she could date him without it giving away he is batman because wonder woman is seen with batman and would be suspicious i wonder woman was seen dating Bruce Wayne] to marry him. Hera is not pleased because batman reminds her of Jason the leader of argonauts because he has no powers like just like Jason. the goddess plan to sheild Diana's mind from the reset Bruce must be also be sheilded by Hera and given immortality by the big 3 [Zeus, Posiden,and hades(they are the ones who sheild the Olympians from the rest)]. when Bruce wake to find diana missing he gose to the batcave and find a message from Olympus tell him about the timeline reset after bruce reads this he decided to head to Themyscira to bring Diana back with him. also Diana wake up in her bed room on the island with no idea how she got there. [important thing is her costume must be a mix of the wonder woman odyssey and new 52 so she would be able to help bruce in Gotham.]to give the time frame it start 4 weeks before justice league war (just so diana can have time to work as diana price at gotham university as a teacher in Greek muthalage and archatecher also she is put in and fight along side Barbar gorden/ batgirl poison ivy [yes in the new 52 she is on the birds of pray look it up] cortona and black canary also Damien must have trouble getting use to Diana dating his father ) 5 weeks after jl war batman has to fight the cort of owls and about a month or 2 later were we get into the story of batman incorporated were Damien is killed but maybe bruce and diana can prevent that. the in between weeks and months are the justice league mission also barry allen the flash will be able to discus thing with them because he remembers the original time line.

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The fall of justice league is brought upon by Appellaxians when they send a army of alien shapeshifter (based on the skrull but in this case they are the Imperium) that they struck a deal with (it based on Secret Invasion) to take over the earths superhero groups, it transitions to when Bruce has just finished creating the Diana Prince identity for Diana and when diana comes to check in on him and they kiss bruce see her eyes change color and ask a question that real diana would be able to answer when the fake diana give the wrong answer bruce knocks her out (she the queen of the Imperium race) and send a warning to all of the justice league to not trust any one and there at war. rise the Dark Justice League take place after the war with Imperium the 7 founders meet up at the bat cave to plan there next move since Lex Luthor (He killed the queen of the Imperium, made him look good.) and was given control of the Justice League by the United Nations and a new report come on the bat computer showing seven people in front of metrotower lex dressed in steel's armor (lex had it confiscated it from John Henry Irons), Jason todd to his left in his bat suit from battle for the cowl, to lex's left circe dressed as wonder woman, to jasons left is reverse flash, to circe right is Sinestro, to reverse flash is right tigress (she is a hawkgirl villion)wearing a nth metal copy of hawkgirls armor. to sinestro right is Cay'an (she a female Martian from Martian Manhunter Rogues Gallery) why the report is going the 7 are dicing what to do Bruce finally says "we are the justice league will take it back" as he polls his cowl on.
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