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ive always liked the the batman wonder woman pairing eversince i watched the justice league tas cartoon.


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this is set during justice league unlimited the once and future thing part 2, just after Diana was pulled out of existence.

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Gothopolis by mrhawkprime Rated: T (Teen) [Reviews - 0]

Stephanie Trevor is comfortable in her life as a bail bonds collector when her older Brother (BJ Wayne) who she had no idea existed had broken into her apartment with his fiance (Kira Kent) who she finds out has been trying to track her down since she was put into the foster care system but the conversation gets cut a little short when Tom, the child Stephanie had given up a decade earlier suddenly shows up. He is convinced that she is the daughter of Batman and Wonderwoman who sent her away along with most of the children of the Justice League, before Circe's could cast a spell, that removed the heroes and villains from the out side world and bringing them to a sleepy township [where all is not as it seems] Hidden Away In the Backwoods of New Jersey After taking tom home Stephanie decides to stay in the town to keep an eye on him. while BJ and Kira view this as the lead they had been searching for the past decade, and launch secret investigation of the town as Batman and Superwoman.


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Justice Guild by mrhawkprime Rated: T (Teen) [Reviews - 0]

Welcome to Earth 61 (an amalgamation of new 52 version of earth 11, The DCAU, the Batman cartoon, Rebirth) it should be noted that the name Justice Guild was repurposed for the Earth 11 version of the Justice League I'm going to say it right here this is a derivative work so all rights belong to DC and Warner Brothers/atat. 

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Welcome to Earth 62 Universe (an amalgamation of the Batman cartoon/tie in comics,DCAU and tie in comics,Teen titains cartoon and tie in comics, Rebirth,the Arkham games, Young Justice Cartoon and tie in comics) I'm going to say it right here this is a derivative work so all rights belong to DC and Warner Brothers.

pairings of Earth 62 

JL/JSA era

 wonderbat: Bruce/Diana

wondercat: Hippolyta/Ted Grant

Chosen One/Sorceress Supreme: Jason/Zatanna (Jason is Diana twin brother from the comics, who's origin I will reveal when I introduced him, please understand that Jason and Diana are not Children of Zeus in this universe there children of Hades)

GreenHawk: John Stewart/Shayera Hol

Superman X Superwoman: Clark/Lois (I'll elaborate on how she got her powers in my Batman origin I will give more details in my Superman Origin)

Titans/YJ era

Nightfire: Richard grayson/kori anders

RedShim'Tar: Jason Todd/Artemis of Bana-Mighdall

wonderrobin: Cassie/Tim

RedSider: Emiko queen/Damian Wayne (I plan on having it that as an adult Damien will utilize The Insider suit)

superimpulse: Jon Kent/Iris west (I personally could see the pairing happen between Clark son and wally's daughter)

JLU/Beyond era

SuperBat: BJ Wayne/Kira Kent  (their pairing is basically the same as the Superman Batman Generations, but unlike that elseworld story Kira's brother isn't going to turn up at her wedding to kill her.)

WonderApollo:Stephanie wayne/Paul [Apollo]

ZataraCanary: Leo Grant/Olivia Queen (Zatara son of Zatanna Zatara and John Constantine, but Constantine is a mature character so he doesn't fit the narrative on creating, so for this universe his father is diana's twin brother Jason)

NightStar: Tallant wayne/Mar'i Grayson

Batdana: Terry wayne/Dana tan

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