March 2019 Solicitations

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March 2019 Solicitations

Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:56 am ... tions.html

-Batman Damned ends

-Detective #1000 Arrives and i personally don't like the majority of the writing team picked for it or the mediocre main cover.

-Dial H for Hero returns

-Trinity may have found the killer in Heroes in Crisis #7 as it en-, no wait for some deranged reason am hearing that it has been extended to 9 issues, never mind :roll:

-Deathstroke crossover with Teen Titans as the TT decided to end Slade once and for all

-James Jr returns in Batgirl

-We find out how Dr. Manhattan is connected to the DCU in Doomsday Clock #10

-Green Arrow reaches his #50

-Jason decides to take over Gotham's criminal underworld in Red Hood: Outlaw

-Jon Stumbles upon the Crime Syndicate in Superman
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