End of the Year Solicits (DEC 2019)

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End of the Year Solicits (DEC 2019)

Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:17 pm

https://www.newsarama.com/46928-dc-comi ... tions.html

-Tom Kings Batman fanfic comes to an end (i would pop the champagne, but they already announced Batman/Catwoman by him and reports saying that his fanfic sequel will dictate the next direction for the book).

-Lex takes on the Batman who laughs in Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen

-Year of the Villain one shots for Harley and Ocean Master

-Frank Miller is back with more Dark Knight with The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child

-Suicide Squad is back with Deadshot and Harley along with a new roster written by Tom Taylor

-Holiday Special books

-Judas Contract gets a tale from the Dark Multiverse spin

-Deathstroke reaches issue 50 and ends

-Final issue of Doomsday Clock

-Justice/Doom War concludes in Justice League

-Artemis and Bizarro return in Red Hood: Outlaw #41

-The Other is revealed in Teen Titans #37
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Re: End of the Year Solicits (DEC 2019)

Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:14 am

- You know I think calling King's sham of a run fanfic is being too harsh on fanfic authors ? Because I'm sure your average fanfic writer would probably be more restrained and subtle about pushing their ships compared to King. I genuinely cringe reading about what King's been doing in the Batman book, so I can only imagine how excruciating it must be to read. He's been fired off the book, and I wish that would've happened sooner, but we take what we can get. Also, I'm sorry that his next book is about Adam Strange. Judging by your avatar, you must be a fan, so you have my sympathies.

- You know what ? I'm still fine with The Batman Who Laughs. I know many are sick of him, and I certainly would've preferred to have other Dark Knights stick around (*cough*The Merciless*cough*), but I'm glad we still have one Batman who's not tied by the b**ls and is allowed to do whatever he wanted.

- Woohooo another Dark Knight book and another chance for old Frankie to fetishize SMWW. You know this book will be popular with a certain group. And we still can't get a single book with any semblance of BMWW published. With that being said, this is a sequel to DKIII, so I am curious to see what happened to the rejuvenated Bruce after the events of that book.

- This Suicide Squad book must be some kind of a joke. All these new characters look like the most generic canon fodder you could imagine, and the fact that both Deadshot and Harley are still in the book pretty much sealed their fates.

- Wonder Woman Dead Earth looks intriguing. I mean it's another post apocalyptic Black Label story, ala Last Knight on Earth, but it stars Diana this time so it's bound to be interesting. Plus Diana is wearing Bruce's utility belt, so who knows what role he might play in the story, if any. I'm not sure about the art though.
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