DC August Solicits 2019

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DC August Solicits 2019

Tue May 21, 2019 10:11 am

https://www.newsarama.com/45229-dc-comi ... tions.html

-Batman and the Batman who laughs have their final showdown in the Batman who Laughs #7

-Batman/Superman returns under the pen of Joshua Williamson

-Neal Adams returns with another Acid trip series in Batman vs Ra's Al Ghul #1

-Warren Ellis Brings the Wildcats back to the Wildstorm Universe

-Black Mask & Sinestro get a year of the Villains tie-in issues

-Black Canary gets a TP book detailing a teenage life

-Flashpoint Batman with Gotham act as Bane's enforcers against villains who haven't signed on with Bane in Batman

-Deadshot roles into Gotham looking for Batman's help in Detective Comics

-Barry discovers he is getting slower as the speed force is dying in the Flash

-Justice Doom War begins in Justice League as a Lex Luthor powered by Perpetua seeks to wage war on the Justice League on a multiverse scale

-Ric goes back to the Circus to try and figure out what his parents would have wanted of him to be like as the Talons close in on him in Nightwing

-Batgirl has to deal with Killer Moth and the terrible Trios newest member, Oracle, in Batgirl

-Red Hood takes Lex's offer to train the next generation of Villains in Red Hood: Outlaw #37

-Supergirl returns to Earth

-The Titans move into a new base after the terminus agenda and their encounter with Lobo as Robin searches for the mole who let his prisoners escape (my money is on Wallace)

-We begin to witness what Lex was doing in the various July Titles as the Year of the Villains continues
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