Wonderbat in new Flash movie?

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Wonderbat in new Flash movie?

Sat Apr 23, 2022 1:12 am

Ok so the entire plot of the Flash movie got leaked, and I’m 100% sure that this is the actual plot since it references things that have either been seen in leaked set photos, rumors about the movie, or also just things like castings that have been confirmed. I need to find the link, but there is a few scenes I really want to talk about. SO:
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In the beginning of the movie, there’s a scene where Batman calls in the Flash to help capture terrorists who blew up a hospital. While the Flash is saving everyone from the hospital, Batman chases the remaining terrorists on the Batcycle (which was seen from leaked footage) and almost looses the last one. However, right before they get away Wonder Woman drops in and helps Batman capture the remaining terrorists

It then shifts to a scene where somehow Batman becomes in contact with Wonder Woman’s lasso, and he accidentally tells a very embarrassing secret to her. This is the last scene Wonder Woman appears in the movie in person, as she is seen once again at the end of the movie in a charity advertisement when Barry “fixes” the timeline but makes it so his father is innocent of his mother’s murder, which actually just messed up the timeline again and merged the 2 universes together. He meets Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne to celebrate his father’s non-guilty ruling, but he also sees a photo of Wonder Woman on the side of a bus (which was a leak set photo) which confirms to him that the universes merged.

There’s also a post-post credit scene where Barry’s entire apartment loses power and Ben Affleck’s Batman tells the Flash to “Find us”.

Also, not Wonderbat related, but Robert Pattinson’s Batman makes a VERY brief appearance when Barry has to stitch together the multiverse again. That is going to be AWESOME to see!
So?! What do we think that
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embarrassing secret
could be? It could be a gag like what we saw in Josstice League with Aquaman sitting on the lasso, but I’m not so sure. It definitely seems that this movie follows ZSJL by the way, as there
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are many scenes within the the movie that reference events that occurred in that movie alone. The most notable was Ben Affleck’s Batman talking to Barry about him entering the speed force to save everyone after the mother boxes activated, however there is almost minor references to other ZSJL-exclusive scenes that I can’t remember rn lol. If I find a link to the leak, I’ll post a reply with it.

Who knows? Maybe this movie might build on the Bruce/Diana tension put in place with BvS and ZSJL. From the leaked script, it seems that ZSJL is the universe of The Flash and not Josstice League (Which arguably had a wonderbat moment but not like the tension with the mouse in ZSJL). It seems like a packed movie that seems crazy, but I might actually enjoy it. I know many think they’re just trying to catch up to Marvel, which is undoubtedly the case, but I honestly don’t really care. If we get a good Flash movie with some wonderbat in it, I’ll be a happ[y man :D

It’s kinda crazy to think that us wonderbat fans even have a chance at getting something in this film. Sure, I could 100% be just grabbing at loose ends here, having a blind/desperate hope to see some Bruce and Diana action. But the fact that it’s actually a possibility is HUGE. I mean, we’re talking about a mainstream LIVE-ACTION movie here, arguably the most publicized media that DC puts out (cause what company wouldn’t push a live action movie they’re producing?). Wonderbat could be in the faces of everyone, and damn I am here for it :D
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Re: Wonderbat in new Flash movie?

Sat Apr 23, 2022 11:43 pm

Cool. Hopefully the secret it what everyone of us wants!!!!
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Re: Wonderbat in new Flash movie?

Thu Jun 15, 2023 5:19 am

Whatever chance there was of getting that Bm/ww scene seems gone now. I think Ben now just has that one short scene talking to Barry.

Think James Gunn pulled rank and took that out. He doesn’t like wonderbat or he wanted to same something for HIS universe
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