Game of Thrones.

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Re: Game of Thrones.

Sat Jun 01, 2019 8:20 pm

MTVCCVC wrote:
Tue May 28, 2019 2:42 pm
Enyoing a piece of extraordinary media and being heavily invested in ti, even the parts later on you realize seem kind of lacking/rushed, all for it to go to hell in the final stretch.

Most people who played the original Mass Effect series have the same experience of any amazing game series, world and story basically ruined by the last 10 minutes.
I’m going to be the minority and say I liked the second half this season, but I hated the first half. Hell I didn’t like the last few seasons. MTV you are right that started sacrificing good writing for cinematic and pretentious artsy stuff. The last three episodes were well shot and acted, just the crappy writing derailed everything. Honestly aside from some of the logical inconsistencies (mainly with the weapons and dragons) the last three episodes would be alright if you skipped to it at Season 4. For the most part other than Bran’s arc the character’s ending make sense. And I interpreted Dany as more of a social justice warrior than a neocon actually.

But again most things weren’t earned. They rushed the plot and it didn’t help they started throwing fan service moments since Season 6 (I.e. Jon fighting Battle of the Bastards).

I said earlier on here the show would’ve done a better job if they actually took two seasons to adapt Book Four and Five. In other words split Season 5. I get it there are a lot of boring pets but critical plot points.

Season 5 instead of should’ve ended with Jon (after dealing more politics with Stannis at the wall) going north with tormund to try to rescue more wildlings, Ramsay receiving his new brigade Arya Stark who isn’t Arya, Cersei getting imprisoned by the Faith, Jaime departing to lift the siege, Brienne meeting stoneheart, Arya not being seen since episode two because we really don’t need to see her train, Yara taking prisoner by Stannis after she fled to her northern castle to escape Euron. Euron dispatching his brother to go recruit Dany, Tyrion captures by Jorah after hanging out with Aegon VI, and Dany marrying hizdar with her dragons still chained. Season 6 could’ve at least the first half still finish the remains of the books. Jon snow for example should’ve been killed episode nine not the finale but I get it the producers wanted a who shot JR moment.

And that’s why I think the show went off the rails. Producers decided to combine two large books into one season and ignored a bunch of parts just to get to a moment where Jon snow was killed for dramatic season finale shocker. Feeling emboldened by this they continued this trend until we got the crap product we got now.
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