Batman: Arkham Asylum 10th Anniversary!

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Batman: Arkham Asylum 10th Anniversary!

Sun Aug 25, 2019 1:21 am

Today marks ten years since the release of the first groundbreaking Batman game. Therefore, all others that came before about him utterly fail in comparison even though I really enjoyed the side-scrolling Adventures of Batman & Robin for the Sega Genesis. I've gotten this game more than once and got one shirt which I have on right now that I picked up years ago when the game was hot on the shelves and I got one Funko figure that I see everyday on my table along with the other Batman things.
I've also lost count of how many times I've beaten it which I plan on doing again tonight. I'm a PlayStation man so I got every single trophy, too.

So let's celebrate! Favorite or least favorite thing about the game? Anything personal that you think could've been done better? I think the insignia on his chest could've looked better and I do agree that a few of the boss fights involved with the Banes who are juiced up on the Titan formula are repetitive. Joker does it to himself and it's a little different and I get the complaints, but honestly, this hardly bothered me.

Scarecrow Nightmares are my favorite things. Some of the music is nice like the piece where you glide down to the mini Batcave. Bruhhhh!
Predator/Combat challenges are great. Having Oracle as support is great. DLC is great. Ivy and Croc are fine. Picking up interview tapes and Riddler trophies, discovering secrets, etc. are thrilling. Detective Mode is awesome. Gadgets are cool. Harley's outfit could've been changed later on. Gordon's voice threw me off the first time I heard him because it sounds so weird. Didn't mind having his suit get damaged as you progressed, but it would've been nice if you could swap that out for a spare.
I mean he built a cave on the Island. :lol: Ya'll know what my favorite lines are? "I'm fine. I eat punks like these for breakfast."
"What is it now? Two-Face? Riddler? Some kind of giant Joker robot?"
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Re: Batman: Arkham Asylum 10th Anniversary!

Sun Aug 25, 2019 8:27 am

The graphics, lighting and art design were one of my favourite features of the game.

I especially liked some of the scenes where I placed batman with the moon behind him.
The shadows cast over his face made him look legit menacing.

The physics were a bit of a bitch at the time, if you didn't have an nVidia GPU at the time and later on the game had some trouble recognizing newer nVidia GPUs.
That said, when it worked it looked outstanding for the time, but PhysX being what it was (and is) the performance impact could be punch in the eye noticable.

I also love how well the game plays with keyboard+mouse. Better than with a controller for me.
One of my favouritw games to replay when i got stronger hardware and better screens.
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