Star Wars: Anakin/Ahsoka

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Star Wars: Anakin/Ahsoka

Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:37 am

Yeah I know this is like walking on a edge of abyss, but I love them regardless. I don't give a F.. about their age gap, because
A)Anakin was nearly 10 years younger then Padme when they fell in love and everyone were OK with this
B)If you're sending 15 year old kids in a war where they're killing other people, then you must understand that they have right to choose with whom they must be (as a sexual partner).
Also this would change the course of history of SW, basically ruining Palpatines plans for Anakin.
Here good example of their possible future if he choose Ahsoka and goes with her. ... Less-Taken
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Re: Star Wars: Anakin/Ahsoka

Sat May 25, 2019 3:27 am

I dunno about Ahsoka but I always thought they missed an opportunity by not trying out a second love interest for Anakin in TCW. Like a girl Jedi Knight who has a crush on him or something? They do kind of go out of their way to specify in the series that Anakin is actually pretty popular with women (which completely runs counter to his characterization in the prequels as a mostly socially awkward and ostracized youth who doesn't have many friends, let alone girls interested in him, which made him such easy prey for Palpatine, but since they already screwed that up in TCW anyway, why not embrace it?) and you can see him with a wandering eye in a couple of episodes.

It certainly would have been a neat way to contrast Anakin's utterly dysfunctional "love" for Padme with an example of what a more relaxed, easy-going relationship that he could've had with another woman. Naturally, said woman would have to die before they got too close but still...
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