Reminders of the Past

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Reminders of the Past

Fri May 27, 2022 5:40 pm

(Long story short I've been working on a new Fanfic. I know, surprise surprise, but this is a Tenchi Muyo and Invincible crossover. I've started rewatching the series, and been going back through the manga, and I got to thinking about how much fun it would have been for Invincible aka Mark Grayson to end up in the Tenchi Muyo Universe. The version of Tenchi I'm using is heavily influenced by the OVA, and I've added elements from Daughter of Darkness (Mayuka Masaki), and Tenchi Muyo the Movie (Having his mother be Achika Masaki instead of Kiyone Masaki. I'm sure that there are plenty of folks who would prefer if I kept it as Kiyone instead of having it be Achika, but honestly Achika was a mother to him, and Kiyone was more of a prankster and exceptionally child-like. I liked the fact that Achika actually used up most of her own lifeforce to save Tenchi in the movie, so in this story she's his mother.) The version of Invincible is a mixture of the animated series and the comics. Pretty much with Mark Grayson multiverse hopping it's already well past the point of the animated series. Although I will be using some elements from the animated series simply because I liked them better.

That said, One of the reasons this struck me as a good idea was that the theory of there being multiple versions of everyone existing throughout the Multiverse. It then hit me that there could have been Viltrumites in Tenchi Muyo. So, what would have happened to them? The simple answer was that Kagato (Washu's former student and the Master of Ryoko before the series began) didn't like the idea of competition when it came to universal domination. So, he would have had Ryoko destroy them. In truth, with all three of her gems it would be more than possible, it would be a certainty. If we want to split hairs, with her three gems Ryoko would be far more powerful than a good deal of the DC roster. This includes Wonder Woman. With her three gems Ryoko has access to goddess level powers, or basically the powers of creation itself. She's able to manipulate energy, fly, can bring things into reality, call forth demonic spirits and control them, more than destroy entire worlds (it's been stated in the light novels that she was responsible for the destruction of entire galaxies), and a whole slew of other powers.

Against that the Viltrumite Empire didn't stand a chance. Her weaknesses is that she's naïve at times, she's emotionally fragile, and when she has access to all three gems if someone knows the frequency of them they can take control of her. In addition Kagato, who knew the frequency, spent more than enough time physically, emotionally, and God knows how else, torturing her. He made her believe that she was created to be a weapon and nothing else. So, she isn't without weaknesses. Of course at the time none of those would really be used against her because again, she was under Kagato's control. Well, I've went on long enough, so here's the first chapter, and if anyone is interested I'll share the google document so that they can read over, make suggestions, and so on.

Reminders of the Past
A Tenchi Muyo and Invinsible Crossover

Chapter 1 - If it weren’t for Bad Dreams…

Multiple explosions erupting across the atmosphere glowed like dying embers. Amongst it a demonic figure floated above the ground. Blood coated her hands, splattered against her flawless skin, and had splattered in her spikey teal colored hair. Dark laughter escaped from her mouth, and her glowing eyes saw the destruction before her. She lifted above the explosions, letting the heat burn the blood from her as she moved beyond the erupting atmosphere and into the void of space. Here there was nothing, no sounds, no screaming, no threats of vengeance, no pleas for mercy, it was just silence that was filled only with the commands from the one that controlled her.

“Well done,” a single ethereal voice spoke in her head, “Return.”

She blinked out of existence and reappeared thousands of lightyears away. The ship itself was impressive. It was truly massive, created to be a self sustaining bioengineered ship. It was created as a mineral lifeform, a crystallized behemoth that could easily house megacities. She once again blinked out of existence and reappeared before the one that called her. His silver hair was pulled into a long ponytail, twin strands ran down the sides of his face framing it, and his yellow eyes looked over the delicate pair of glasses that sat upon the bridge of his nose. His green robes flowed with an unseen and unfelt breeze. His very presence screamed master of all he surveyed. If she would have been allowed to express emotion at the time she would have recoiled from his presence.

“I see that you’ve handled that situation,” he said, his cold aristocratic voice sounding harsher in person, “Now, Madam, do you see what your threats were equal to?”

“No,” a single voice said, and she turned to face the woman. She was dressed in a pristine white bodysuit, her black hair in a simple bun, her green eyes wide with anger, and she struggled against the force field that her master had used against her, “I’LL KILL YOU!”

“Really?” he asked, his voice amused, “Ryoko, deal with her.”

Without missing a beat she floated toward her, the force field went down, and the woman attempted to fly straight toward her master. She was certainly quick, but she wasn’t fast enough. Before she could make it even a tenth of the way there an orange sword made of light appeared in Ryoko’s right hand. She thrust it forward, cutting into the woman’s chest, letting it drive through and destroy her heart. The woman coughed, blood splatting against an invisible wall before her.

“It’s…it’s not possible.”

Her master laughed, “Not possible?” he turned back toward her, and he walked as though there was no great hurry, “My dear, I deal in the impossible. As for you kinsmen and your planet, well, this Universe is mine, in time.”

He leaned forward and touched her cheek, “Perhaps I was too hasty, you could have a wonderful slave,” he said before he turned around, “Oh well, it doesn’t matter now, “Ryoko, destroy her.”

With that she pulled the sword up, cutting her in half. In that instant any other threats she could have made simply disappeared. Ryoko looked at the death as impassively as possible before she looked back at her hands. Suddenly realization hit her, what she had done, what she had been made to do, and she screamed. She sat up, the bed she had been one was below her, and she was currently floating above it. Her breathing was coming quickly, but she felt a set of arms around her waist.

Gently she floated back down, and she leaned against the one holding her, “Everything okay?”

She sniffed, and in truth she wanted to tell him, but how could she let him know that she destroyed an entire planet, that she killed millions, perhaps billions, simply because she had been controlled by Kagato. She wanted to tell him everything, let him comfort her, but she was scared to. Instead she just wept, the terror and fear filled her as she felt him hug her tighter. She didn’t break away from it, but instead she gently moved, turning around, and her lips found his.

They kissed for several seconds, and she felt him indicate for her to open her mouth. She did, taking in the taste of the one that had saved her. His hands moved down, just above her ass, still holding her, letting her find solace in his embrace. After a moment the kiss ended, and she leaned her head against his shoulder.

“You sure you don’t want to talk about it?”

She started to shake her head when she heard another voice. In truth Washu had taken to giving her some privacy when it came to her more intimate moments with Tenchi. Although her mother did explain a few things she could do in order to make him feel good. She honestly didn’t want the lessons, but it wasn’t like she could stop her mother from filling her mind with positions, phrases, and other things that she could do to make him feel amazing.

“Ryoko, he’s your husband, believe me he already knows a lot of what Kagato had you do, this isn’t as bad as it could be.”

She blinked her eyes hard, “Not the time Mom,” she thought back to her, “Besides, private time, remember?”

There was a laugh in her head, “Sure, but the moment you remembered that bastard I was pulled into it,” Washu replied, “I remembered watching, not able to do anything, and knowing that afterward you would be hurt, again. So, please, know that he will understand. Just tell him. You’re the daughter of the smartest being in this universe, act like it.”

She sighed, and didn’t look into his eyes. She didn’t believe that she could, “It was Kagato,” she said, her voice raspy, “I dreamed about something he had me do. It, I don’t know why I dreamed of it, but Tenchi, it was really bad.”

She felt his hands gently rub her back, “I know that he had you raid ruins, kill people, steal priceless artifacts, so whatever it is I also know that it was him, not you.”

She sniffed, “There was a planet, an entire planet, filled with people, and they were building an empire,” she said as she felt him holding her, “In truth they were pretty powerful, I mean it’s possible they could have really done a number on the Juraians if they got over there, but Kagato didn’t want the competition. He had me destroy them, all of them, and he had it done in front of their representative. He then had me kill her last. I saw everything, I experienced it, but I wasn’t in control… Please, don’t hate me.”

She felt lips on her neck, “Ryoko, I could never hate you,” he said his voice sounded soothing, “I hate Kagato, and honestly I think that he got off too easy, but I don’t hate you. So, tell me about it, everything about it, and that should take its power away.”

She shivered, the dream, the memory, was a powerful one. The fact that it even surfaced proved its power, but she believed Tenchi. She stayed, in his embrace, leaning against him, now on her knees, on their bed, and she considered how to begin. Of course she knew that if she didn’t actually start to talk Washu would but in and tell her the simplest way to begin was at the beginning.

“It was before we went to Jurai,” she said, her voice less raspy than it had been, the evidence of her celestial level healing apparent, “Maybe about five hundred or so years before.”

She felt his hands, gentle, rubbing her back, letting her know that she was okay. She loved this, lived for this, and she absolutely enjoyed the experience, “There was a woman in white, a species that was fairly closed off from us, that approached the Soja,” she said as the memory remained as fresh as when she dreamed it, “She demanded entrance, and she explained that her people were building an empire. She explained that she had learned of the things that Kagato had done, and she assumed that he was going after the same thing as her people.”

She let out a mirthless laugh, the sarcastic sound letting anyone that heard it know how much she thought of those claims, “He captured her, held her in a forcefield, one more than strong enough to keep her still, and then he pulled the very information on her world from her mind,” she shook as she felt him continue to hug her, “He got the location of her planet, and he woke me up.”

She shivered again, “Did you know that when I wasn’t used for raiding ruins, taking cultural significant items from museums, or annilating anyone that he wanted destroyed that I was either tortured or put to sleep?” she asked the question, not waiting for him to answer, the truth wanted out, and she no longer could contain it, “I understand why now, although my mind couldn’t understand in the beginning. He needed me to be nothing more than a weapon. He needed me to be compliant. I… When I decided that I wanted to be with you, that I loved you, I hated him all over again. I couldn’t be pure for you. I couldn’t give you what I didn’t have anymore.”

She sniffed as she clinched her eyes even tighter, “I couldn’t give you any part of me that wasn’t tainted by that bastard,” she whimpered softly, “The torture wasn’t just beatings, or electricution, but it was… There was so many times that he would make me bare myself, and…”

“Shhh,” he said, his voice soothing and gentle, “Ryoko, I’m sorry that happened to you, but no, you weren’t soiled, or ruined, not to me.”

She finally opened her eyes, leaned back, and looked into the soft brown pools that looked back into her own golden eyes, “Did you really ever think that I would consider you ruined or soiled?”

She nodded, “I mean, I’m not like Ayeka…”

She his hand move, up the curve of her back, the motion not one of sexual exploration, but rather of comfort and emotional support. She kissed him, “I’ll never be like her.”

He returned the kiss, taking time to express his feelings through it, and then once they broke apart again he gave her that gentle smile of his, “You don’t have to be,” he replied, his voice still soothing and gentle, “Don’t you know that it doesn’t bother me? I love you for who you are.”

She blinked, the tears that had threatened to escape finally rolled down, finding paths down the sides of her face. He kissed her again, not pushing for anything, but rather just expressing his love for her. She finally relaxed a little, “Thank you,” she replied, her voice completely back to normal, “I didn’t mean to make you worry.”

He smiled, “Ryoko, I’d worry if you didn’t talk to me,” he said before looking at her, “Want to lie back down again?”

She nodded, and before he could say a word, she shrugged her shoulders, letting the nightgown she was wearing slip from her shoulders. It fell down, allowing a generous look at her beauty. She moved toward him, letting him lay down, her hand tracing down his body, feeling the muscle he’d sculpted from both working the fields and the sword training. She moved below his chest, stomach, and found her prize after a moment. She stroked it, her hand moving in gentle pumps, and when it felt right she moved over him.

“You know, we don’t have to.”

She smiled at him, and it wasn’t one of her teasing smiles she saved for Ayeka or Mihoshi, but it was a truly loving smile that only seemed to find her face when she was just with him, “I know,” she said before she gently pushed herself down, feeling him enter her, “And that’s why I want to. I want to because I know that I’m safe with you, that you will protect me, and I can’t help but love you for that.”

Neither of them remarked on the fact that now that she had all three gems she was one of the most powerful beings in the universe. For her, his protection wasn’t the physical protection that he’d done when he first faced Kagato, but it was the emotional protection he offered. Once again he’d faced Kagato, and once again he’d beaten him. He’d given her the strength to face her own past, and she would be damned if she didn’t at least show him how much she loved him. It started slow, a gentle pace, one that she wanted because she wanted the intimacy connected to it. She could go straight into riding him hard, thrusting herself down on him as hard she possibly could, but she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to for a variety of reasons. She loved him, she wanted to be gentle, but more than that she wanted to remind herself that she was safe with Tenchi.

“Mmm,” she purred as she felt his hands, just above her hips, and she moved her own hands down to them, “Up here.”

She moved his hands, up her sides, toward the front, and then allowed him to cover and play with her breasts. That was one thing she had learned. Her breasts were an erogenous zone for her. They were sensitive, and when they were making love it tended to amplify the feeling when he played with them. She began to speed up, her hips now grinding instead of lifting and going back down, and she found herself moaning softly. There was no show with him, no pretending to enjoy anything, she was herself completely with him.

She was completely vulnerable with her Tenchi, and she was because she trusted him to be gentle with her. He held her heart, he kept it close, and she trusted that he would not break that trust. She felt herself coming close, that blissful peake just ahead, and she was so ready. She felt it as it came, everything clenched, and she felt his eruption into her. The night was once again perfect, and she felt herself ready to doze. She moved forward, leaning against him once again, her eyes slowly closing, and for a moment it was peaceful.

Yet, her time alive, all of her time alive, had been a shining example of how accurate Murphy’s Law truly was. Peaceful moments like this could happen, and did happen, but if there was anything that could happen to disturb it that action would happen. As such an explosion erupted above the shrine where Tenchi’s Grandfather Yosho worked. That explosion shook everything around them, causing the very walls to vibrate hard. A keening wail erupted from another room, and Ryoko’s eyes shot open. She looked at Tenchi who nodded, “Let’s check on everyone first, then see what it is.”

She grabbed her nightgown, pulling it on, and not worrying about panties at the moment. Without a thought she passed through the wall and looked at the small girl that was crying. She lifted her, seeing the soft brown eyes of Tenchi look back at her.

“Shhh, Mayuka, it’s okay,” she said to the four year old, “Mama ‘oko,” she whimpered, “Big boom!”

She smiled, “I know, and it’s okay, we’re alright,” she said as she heard the door open and saw Ayeka rush in, “Mind to look after her?”

Ayeka nodded, “Surely,” she said as she took Mayuka who leaned toward Ayeka, “Mama ‘eka!” she exclaimed, “Big Boom!!”

She grinned, “I know, it was a loud one wasn’t it?”

She looked toward Ryoko, “Do be careful.”

Ryoko nodded, phased through the ceiling, and looked toward the direction of the explosion. She flew, knowing that right now Tenchi himself was heading there as well. She landed, and she looked at the being floating in the air. His suit was blue, black, and gold. It looked as if it was designed to hide his identity, which of course made her wonder if he was some kind of criminal.

There was something familiar about him, about the way the air felt around him, and it made her try to think of what it could be. He seemed to notice her, and he slowly floated to the ground. She couldn’t see his eyes, but then she heard him speak. The language he was using was one that she’d heard Tenchi speak before, but it was for when he was in school.


He studied her for a moment, “私が言うことを分かりますか?私は日本語をあまり話せません。”

Tenchi neared them, and he breathed out for a moment, “What is it?”

She looked at him, “Do… I can translate for him, understand him, but I need to know if you’ll be okay with it.”

He looked at her, “How will you know?”

In that moment a sort of void appeared and Washu walked through, “Ah, better,” she said before she looked at them, “She can understand him if she is able to take a slight sample of his DNA. Oh, she could sleep with him, which I can tell you is out, she could kiss him, which she is having a hard time considering even doing, or I can just give these to you both.”

She handed them both small ear pieces that they put in their ears. She then walked toward him and held one out. He looked at it, then at her, and then back at the earpiece. She showed him the one she was wearing, and he slipped it in. The entire time he studied the little redheaded girl that handed it to him. She was wearing a strange looking uniform, almost like a school girl’s uniform, and he wondered if the teal haired woman was her mother. If so then she must have had the girl awfully young. She didn’t look too old. He’d known a few thirty year olds that looked like they were in their early twenties, and maybe that was the same here.

“And what’s that supposed to do?”

At that moment everyone could understand one another, “Washu, what was that?”

She grinned, “Just the greatest scientific genius in the entire universe coming up with an instant translator. I mean really, it took a whole five seconds,” she looked at Ryoko, “And really, even considering lip locking with him? You could have just asked me about this beforehand.”

Ryoko rolled her eyes, but then looked back at the man that was standing there looking surprised, “Now, who are you?”

He looked around, “I’m not home am I?” he asked as his shoulders slumped, “I mean, I really was hoping that this would be home.”

Tenchi took a moment and stepped forward, “I’m not sure, but I assume that you are from America, right?”

He nodded, “Yeah, but I don’t think that it’s the America you know. I know that it’s not from this universe, at least I’m pretty sure that it isn’t. The fact that there aren't a dozen Global Defense Agency soldiers around tells me that I’m not in my universe.”

Washu watched and cleared her throat, “So, am I to believe that you’ve been universe hopping?”

He nodded, looked at her, “I have,” he said as he talked to her, trying his hardest to speak to her like an adult and not a little girl. He’d made that mistake with Monster Girl before, “I’ve been to at least a dozen other universes, and I’m trying to get back home.”

She nodded, “I’m guessing that someone sent you through a trip into the multiverse, didn’t set a coordinate, and just let you tumble out, right?”

He looked surprised, “Ummm, yeah, that’s exactly what happened.”

She breathed out, “Amatures,” she practically growled, “I mean sure, it’s a quick way of getting rid of someone, but if they happen to know anything about how to open and close dimensional gates they might as well be throwing a champion swimmer about fifty meters offshore. It might take them a moment to get back, but they will get back.”

He stood there, his mouth hanging open as if it was doing its best impression of a venus flytrap, and after a moment he finally was able to speak, “Does that mean, can you, are you able to get me home?”

She grinned, “For the greatest scientific mind in this universe, not a problem,” she said as she studied him, “Although I am going to need to get your quantium signature. That might take some time. Especially if you’ve been roaming around the multiverse. There’s going to be some corruption there, but not enough to really do much more than make you take a couple of weeks.”

She grinned, “And in the meantime, I would appreciate a tissue sample.”
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