After the Wreckage

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After the Wreckage

Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:58 am

Laughter between two people filled the Batcave as the area's creatures flew by in groups while Diana had Alfred beside her. They then turned to each other and hugged.
"Be sure to let me know if the master is in dire need of a good spanking. I'll let you be the one that holds him down."
"That...may be necessary," Diana said and chuckled while stepping back.
"Okay, J'onn. I'm ready."
With that, she vanished and appeared only seconds on a platform that sits miles upon miles away from earth. Diana had an idea where her friend might be and checked one of the area's main computers for his whereabouts. She guessed right.
Bruce sat in a room in front of a monitor typing away that's a little bit smaller than that of the Batcomputer. The door behind him slides open and from the first few footsteps that approached him he instantly knew who it was.
"My wounds aren't serious so you didn't need to come here. I'll be alright, princess."
"I'm well aware of your physical state, Bruce," she came up to his left side, raising a brow.
"However, the status of your mental one is why I'm here. Our last mission got rough towards the end but we all performed well and did as expected."
Bruce's white eyes remained as they are, opening his mouth.
"There were no casualties, only injuries. We've taken care of Mongul's ship and his army by splitting into two teams. Aside from the founding members, Zatanna, Red Tornado, Steel, Captain Atom, Black Lightning, Black Canary and Vixen were with us. All that was left afterwards was the tyrant himself. He had used a weapon that we never seen before and it was capable of making our abilities uncontrollable. But we pushed through. John and Clark attacked first and had him distracted while Wally tried to take his new device and get us all back to normal."

Diana listened to him talk from beginning to end then spoke.
"Wally only received a fracture and made a quick recovery after an hour in the infirmary. He returned and cleaned things up as fast as he could. Bruce...he's okay."
"He's Justice League. One of ours," Bruce said, eyes growing more slanted. His reaction to two hands that were gently placed on his forearm turned those slants into circles then back to normal as he shifted his head to her.
"Diana...I just wish he hadn't got hurt."
"I don't either, Bruce."
She moved one hand to his and and slowly dragged her thumb across the back of his black glove repeatedly.
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