The Demon's Head Bat - Evil Bruce

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The Demon's Head Bat - Evil Bruce

Fri Oct 11, 2013 8:58 pm

I’m trying something different. Normally I just jump into a story, and I hit a wall because I’m not sure where to take it. This time, I want to get most of the story outlined, at least the high points, first.

So, if you could read and give thoughts/suggestions, that’d be great.

This is based on the evil Bruce idea in the plot bunnies that Lloyd and I were talking about.

Anything in ((italics)) is a quick summary for a scene.
B-Bruce; DB-Demon’s Bat (Bruce in disguise); T-Talia; Di-Diana; Da-Damaian;S-Superman

Bruce leaves to travel the world after graduating highschool at 14. Alfred is either dead, or more distant, thus Bruce has no problems not coming back to him.

At 16ish, Bruce meets Henri, who not only trains him, but is a life coach/true mentor. Around 20, Bruce reveals to Henri that Henri is really Ra’s. I'm not sure when it would be best to have B discover Henri is Ra's. Henri decides Bruce is a good candidate for his heir, brings him into the inner circle (mostly), he meets and falls in love with Talia. During his time with Ra’s, he gets a college education, perhaps not the actual degree, but he is classically educated, as well as knowledge in several fields, including Economy, Criminology, Psychology, and Engineering.

At 24, Bruce completes his trials, including executing a murderer. Brought in fully, he, Ra’s, and Talia finalize plans to attack Gotham. B and T get married by Ra’s. She gives birth to Damian a few weeks before the attack, so she stays home.

Year 1.

During the attack, Zsasz kills Ra’s, his body falls into a fire while a few LoS goons kill Zsasz. His body is too damaged to be revived in the pits. Bruce finishes the plan, and Gotham all but tears itself apart, prompting the rest of the world to go No Man’s Land. Bruce returns to the fortress, Talia is upset, but doesn’t blame Bruce, as Bruce did not want to use the inmates in Arkham (wanting to use Blackgate instead, he felt they would be more controlled). Alternately, she believes Bruce killed Ra’s on purpose, but goes by the idea that killing him was how he would succeed Ra’s, and is okay with it (ala Arkham City). Bruce takes over the LoS, going by something like “The Demon’s Bat” or “The Bat Demon”

During the Riots, B leads several squads to target certain people. Targets include crime families, and the corrupt wealthy. Ra’s has several teams he did not tell B about target the apathetic wealthy as well. He didn’t tell B about it because B argued against it in the planning phase.

Year 2.

Six months to a year later, Bruce returns to Gotham as Bruce Wayne, along with Talia and Damian, and uses his Wayne and LoS connections to start rebuilding it. Gets many awards (including, among other things, Time’s Man of the Year, talk of a Nobel Peace Prize). This upsets Luthor, who uses the outrage over the attack to found the Justice League (funded by him and the UN), with his “friend” Superman, along with GL (Hal), Hawkman, Flash (Barry), Booster Gold, and Vixen. Superman brings in WW a little after forming the team (Luthor didn't want her in). Superman brings her in because he feels they can use another heavy hitter. Also, it brings in more support internationally. She has been in Man’s World for a few years at this point, her and Steve are friends, Steve would have liked to be more, but has accepted that Di does not want more, and is seeing Etta. Steve is the JL liaison with the Gov’t. Themyscira has an embassy, but Diana may or may not be the ambassador, as having a gov’t representative actively working on things could cause issues. Perhaps it’s Alexa or Mala. Later parts of the story work better if she is the ambassador, so maybe this can just be ignored.

Bruce Wayne isn’t the fop he sometimes is in the comics/movies/animated world. He’s charming, brilliant, and an all-around nice guy, with a sharp wit. Basically, what I think he would have been had his parents not died. No one is going to mistake someone like that for a master assassin, even more so when you consider that B delegates more than Batman, so he’s not seen as often. Very few people know him as anything other than an urban legend/boogey man. He also wears a full mask, as opposed to the cowl, which helps. It is still an act, to some extent. He is, normally, far less open and out-going, and his sense of humor is more sarcastic, when it shows up at all.

During a fundraiser to help rebuild Gotham, Bruce meets the JL face to face at a fundraiser. Only Diana and Lex think he is anything more than he appears. Lex thinks Bruce is just like him (after power), so he encourages the rest of the team to think Bruce is awesome, as he doesn’t want them to think that if Bruce fooled them, maybe Lex can be too. Diana is intrigued by his genuine compassion and drive to help, but can tell he is hiding something. Di and B strike up a friendship, which the tabloids misinterpret. ((D sees B walk in, can tell he walks like a fighter, not like the other soft billionaires. The rest of the team loves him and his son. While talking, B and D find out that they have a lot in common in terms of views of the world (legitimately, B only hides his willingness to kill). Even though it’s completely platonic, she seems far closer to B then she has any other man. If people were to see her with Steve, she’d be about as close, but Steve doesn’t go to these things, so no one sees them together. Because of this, gossip starts, “Has Wonder Woman found her Man”? Scene in tower cafeteria – D, alone, as usual, reading paper. Tears it apart, yelling angrily about man’s world parasitic news media. C sees the article, and feels a small twinge of jealousy, even though D has been clear they won’t work together, and that B is married.))

The world loves to gossip about Bruce and Damian. They’re interested in a man in his position being such a Daddy (sappiest Daddy!Bats from FF), and they love how Damian acts exactly like a little Bruce (when he gets older), down to stance and everything (having been trained as a fighter, he’s good at reading body posture, and has a subconscious habit of mimicking Bruce’s posture).

End of Year 2

B uses his name to start the Wayne Foundation, which does a lot of his charity and 3rd world stabilization efforts. Wayne Enterprises is run by Lucius, with B’s occasional help.

End of Year 2 to 6

Several encounters happen between LoS and JL, as well as BW and JL. JL knows little to nothing about the Demon’s Bat, other than he is the head of the LoS. There are several encounters between one or more members of the JL and DB, in which he schools them each time, using planning and tactics. Even when teamed up, they can’t capture him, only stop him. S is confused as to how a man can disappear from his senses so easily. His opinion is that DB is a supernatural creature. Di and BW become friends, one of the few friends either have. Di and T aren’t quite so close, as she can see the coldness underneath T. T is not concerned that her husband would cheat on her, because she doesn’t care if he does (see her characterization below), as she feels he loves only her, and what’s a short fling to an immortal?

Zod shows up (Supes rescued him from the phantom zone, so Luthor couldn’t make him disappear), at first Superman befriends him (Luthor is suspicious, tries to tell S that he may not be what he seems). Zod ends up showing his true colors. The fight takes down a large portion of Metropolis, largely because the JL haven’t worked on tatics. Only Di is able to take down any of the kryptonians without massive collateral damage. She was able to because I'm going with that image in the thread where we were discussing her martial arts skills, and she beats the crap out of PG. Both BW and Luthor pay to rebuild. Luthor tells the league BW is just taking advantage of the situation (in reality that’s what Lex is doing). Di is unsure about that, but after getting to know B, finds he really does care.

At some point during this time period, Flash gets suspicious of Luthor and tries to tell the others. Luthor hired some assassins (Deadshot? Deathstroke?) and has him killed. Di finds this out later, from B, who found out about it, but was not able to save him. Or maybe he did, and convinced Barry to go into a witness protection style thing. Flash is replaced by Captain Atom.

The Joker survived the Riots, and causes trouble for the League. His obsession is Superman, seeing himself as the opposite (somewhat how Lex usually sees himself), with a mix of his TDK “just want to see the world burn,” and BTAS Clown Prince of Crime personalities. Long story short, he’s trying to prove Superman isn’t better than everyone by bringing him down to the Joker’s level (yes, he’s crazy enough to WANT to make someone with Superman’s powers a crazy murderer), but he’s also trying to make the world laugh, because he feels that laughing is the only sane response to an insane world. However, after the second time he causes trouble, and the league stops him, the LoS kill him in jail. This is the point that Di goes from just pondering if she is on the right side, to actually trying to find out. The big reason is that the JL was just going to toss the Joker back in prison, even though they were pretty sure he’d escape again, whereas the LoS ended it.

The Riddler fights against the JL, wanting to test his skill against Superman, and his intelligence against Luthor. He is mostly successful (his MO is basically that of AA/AC). Eventually, they find his dead body in one of his deathtraps, with a stab wound through his heart. From recordings Riddler made (again, think the video/audio from AA/AC), they find out he wanted to test himself against B. He didn’t think through the fact that B is willing to kill. The recordings Riddler made of the deathtrap show DB solving it much faster and better than the JL does (most of them just power through it, taking the loses because they can’t see any other way).

A villain starts attacking several small eastern European countries. Unfortunately, he has diplomatic immunity because he is from another small country in the UN. The UN forbids the JL to do anything. Di disagrees, and tries to stop said villain. The LoS and DB also go in to stop him, and DB and Di end up working together.

Year 6

While in Gotham (living in the Manor), Bruce finds out Talia is making plans behind his back to kill the JL. They get in a fight, the manor burns down, Bruce dies, ((Fight with lots of goons, knocks one into a lit fireplace, he runs out on fire, causing the manor to catch fire. After defeating the goons, Talia walks up, all sexy, Bruce lets his guard down, she stabs him in the heart. Wakes up in chains outside of a Lazarus Pit. Escapes before they take him to his cell. Finds Damian, and runs)) and is revived with the pits. He escapes, along with Damian. Time is critical, and Bruce doesn’t have time to figure out who to trust. He realizes the only person who would listen to him in the JL is Diana, confronts her in her apartment (dressed as Demon’s Bat). Tells her about the split, and that the League of Assassins is planning on bombing the Justice Tower in Metropolis during a meeting. She demands to know more, but he pulls a turn and he’s gone act.

Talia and Bruce split, the League splits after them. Talia still considers them married. Bruce doesn’t, more so given it was a ceremony based entirely on Ra’s saying “you’re married,” something based on the centuries old culture he was born into. One cause for the split is Talia wants to go crazy pants kill everyone, Bruce wants to use restraint. Another is Bruce wanting to help rebuild Gotham (show them a better way). Final issue is that Talia wants to raise Damian as the “perfect heir,” whereas Bruce wants to raise him as his son. Talia splits off as the League of Assassins, Bruce keeps as League of Shadows. Neither make direct moves against the other, only work to stop their plans (no assassinating each other). Damian goes with Bruce, as Talia believes that is what her Father would want.

T is not concerned that B is not with her. As they both use the Pits, they are, effectively, immortal. She feels that he will come back to her, as he will eventually learn his mistake. She also feels that any relationship he has during this period is inconsequential, and that they are soul mates. I’m going for the slightly crazy version of her, where his rejections mean little to her. She gets upset when there starts to be signs of a B/Di romance, as her ethics would pull B away from T’s views, and because Di is immortal, she can’t plan on out living her.

Year 7

B and Da spend the next year or so trying to rebuild a power base. Funeral for Bruce Wayne (presumed dead after fire?). Di is genre savy enough to know that a missing body means something is up. B finally makes the LoS, and starts to work against the LoA. Da is 7, and one of the best fighters in the world, B knowing he would have to defend himself, has been training him since he could walk, but still letting him have “kid” time. So, he’s a little bit of happy, hyper Dick, and a little bit of angry Damian, trying to act adult, even though he’s a kid.

Year 8

LoA captures JL using ToB protocols. LoS saves them, as B knows that, even with Luthor running it, and with them trying to hunt the LoA/LoS, they still do more good than harm. This is the point that Di starts to wonder if she is on the right side.

After saving the LoS from the LoA, B feels safe enough to re-establish his Bruce Wayne persona. His excuse was that he had to go underground, as the LoS was trying to kill him (mostly truthful). He claims that he and Talia split, but he doesn’t go into why, and he definitely does not mention it was because she wants to kill the JL. Di is upset that he didn’t tell her, and it takes a while to reestablish their friendship.

Year 9

Di is suspicious of Luthor, and does not trust Luthor’s information to be complete, so she talks to Etta and Steve (who are married at this point). Steve says his gov’t information isn’t that much better, but suggests talking with an independent (a hero not involved with the JL), the Question. Q starts feeding Di information, among other things that the LoS and LoA are fighting, that the LoS does a lot of charity work/3rd world gov’t stabilization (beyond the Wayne Foundation), and that Luthor does a lot of dirty business (possibly finds out Cadmus is doing unethical experiments to stop the JL, as Luthor doesn’t trust the power they have, Di knows the JL won’t believe her, so she asks LoS for help). Di also finds out that Luthor is maneuvering his support of the JL to try and gain power through various means. Somehow, Di finds out the Demon’s Bat and Bruce are the same person. She freaks out. She’s hurt that he didn’t tell her about his real life (an emotional, not logical response). She has mixed feelings about the Demon’s Bat, as she isn’t sure if the LoS is doing the right thing, but is also unsure about the JL. B pulls his disappearing act.

As Di is unsure as to what to do, she goes to the only people she still trusts (Doesn’t trust the JL, as she thinks they are either fools or in league with Luthor), Steve and Etta. She tells them about what Q found out, confirms that Luthor is involved with some dirty dealing. She also tells them about Bruce, the Demon’s Bat, and the LoS, and how she is unsure which side is right. Steve and Etta are surprised, because they both thought Lex and Bruce were on the up and up, finding out Lex is a megalomaniacal villain, and Bruce is really the head of an assassin’s cult. Steve tells her to wait before telling anyone (afraid of what LoS or Luthor might do) and tries to reveal this to his gov’t contacts, but it gets back to Luthor (the part about Lex, not the part about Bruce, Steve kept that quite for the moment). Lex has Steve and Etta killed in a car accident. B gives Di evidence her friends were murdered by Luthor, not him (he doesn’t believe in killing innocent people, even if they would cause trouble for him, which is why the JL is alive), and reveals what happened to Barry. B and Di bond over personal losses. The fact that he was the only one who actually came to try and comfort her after the funeral causes her to start leaning towards believing in the LoS.

Di stays with the JL, still unsure of which side she should be on, but starts spending a lot of time with Bruce. At first, it’s really just as friends, as neither one really has any real friends anymore. Di because Steve and Etta were killed, and because the other people she interacts with are JL’ers who she can’t trust. B because he is in charge of the LoS, so his underlings are distant with him (boss/employee relationship) or sycophants, and he and Talia never interact anymore, so he really only has his 8 year old son.

Possibly Superman gets jealous of B and Di because he still hasn’t had the courage to start a relationship with Lois, and has been trying to woo Di.

Year 10

Di eventually makes a decision, and goes over to the LoS. The reasons are that: She feels the JL is being ineffective, and dangerous, because it is staffed by naïve heroes who can’t see that Luthor is trying to use them to take over the world (or they work directly for Luthor). She sees that B isn’t trying to take over the world, but is legitimately trying to make it a better place, and help people.

Di has had an embassy the entire time she’s been in man’s world. As a result, she doesn’t join B directly, as the LoS is considered a terrorist organization (even if it no longer takes terrorist actions, it does sponsor too many assassinations to be anything but that). Instead, she publically joins her various Wonder Woman foundations with the Wayne Foundation. Eventually this partnership moves beyond friendship. She does not take an active role in the LoS field work, but does work with B in planning/leadership, if for no other reason than to try and reign in his killing instinct.

Di and Da do not get along at first. Da thinks Di is going to try and take B away from him (his logic, his mother is evil, and Di will want to force B to sever all ties with her, including him). Eventually the two start to get along.

Year 11

Shiva drops Cass off with B (Cass is a year or two younger than Damian), because she has seen that B is raising Da as a son, not just as a weapon, and knows that she can’t do that. Da is dismissive of her (she is *scoff* a woman and has inferior genes). However, Cass doesn’t put up with this shit, and just beats him up. After a while, he learns to shut up around her, and several more years later, he finally accepts her as part of the family.

Cass doesn’t have the redemption for murder background. She feels bad about it, and B helps her come to terms with what she’s done. She can only sign at first, and over time B, and eventually Di, help her learn to read, write, and talk.

Events that I am unsure as to where they go/are revealed

At some point, Atlantis joins the UN (probably after a joint JL/Aquaman venture, thinking the episode from JL where AM first shows up). After some time, Atlantis becomes a secret supporter of LoS because B’s philosophy on crime is closer to Arthur’s then the JLs, and because B does a lot to protect the environment, whereas Luthor and the JL do not.

Luthor has a black-ops team that has captured all aliens (aside from Supes). At least J’onn is included in this. He wants to study their abilities. Possibly includes Kori. I’m not actually sure what heroes in DC are aliens, so I’m not sure who else to add.

Luthor is also trying to capture magic users, he wants to study their abilities from a scientific standpoint. They are better at hiding then aliens, so Luthor only has a small percentage. Perhaps Zatanna got captured, and when B finds out, he rescues her, as she is an old friend.

Possible side stories:

LoS helps Huntress kill Mandragora or recruits her after she does so.

Dick’s parents never die, as Zucco and the various crime families are wiped out during the Gotham Riots (being specifically targeted by the LoS). However, Haley’s Circus does come to Gotham during the Wayne sponsored rebuild, and so Bruce does meet Dick (Bruce is a fan of the Trapeze and the Graysons).

Jack Drake might become friends with Bruce during the rebuild. Jack may or may not die later on, and Tim may or may not be adopted by Bruce.

Da and Cass vs a Luthor sponsored Teen Titans.

Anti-alien invasion team ups?


Bruce – Alfred was either more distant, or died, before B left on his travels. I prefer him dying (sorry Al). This is necessary, imo, because B does not feel the need to return, whereas the A that is basically his father would drive that feeling.

Because everyone close to him has died, he is angrier when he left (IMO, a little like Jason Todd). However, Ra’s al Ghul does more than train him, but is also a life coach/mentor/councilor. He helps him control his anger issues and helps direct it to a purpose.

His marriage to Talia, and their son, helps him to open up somewhat. Damian does more than Talia does, especially because Talia is not interested in raising a son, so much as an heir, and wants the nannies to do the actual work. Bruce disagrees, so he ends up spending a lot of time with him. I think the Daddy!Bats stories you can find are a good description. He still struggles to verbally express his feelings, but once you get used to him, you can see him doing it with actions.

He is willing to kill people if they stand in the way of justice, but he is unwilling to go as far as Talia is, in that he has problems with killing innocents just because they are in the way. He only went along with the Gotham Riots plan because Ra’s and Talia were really his only family, and he doesn’t want to lose them. He realizes over time that Talia and he have too many differences, and that Talia is not the kind of wife he wants (he wants a wife like his mother, who loves her son. He’s not sure if he can find that, but that is what he wants).

Bruce also feels strongly that they need to rebuild along with tear down. The most obvious demonstration of this is when he helps to sponsor the Gotham rebuild. After the LoA and LoS split, he uses the LoS resources to help those who can’t help themselves learn to help themselves. His characterization here is “give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him to fish, and he eats for a life time.” While he will just hand out food, he focuses more on short term pain for long term gain.

Talia – Loyal to her father, even though he is dead. She believes, as her father did, that humanity needs to be torn down all the way. Destroy the world to save it type.

Her relationship with B is that she loves him with a crazy stalker type love. He really can’t say or do anything to convince her that he doesn’t love her anymore. The only time she reacts to any of his possible relationships with women is when he starts getting close to Di. Talia doesn’t think any of the other women are a threat.

Talia does not care to raise Damian as a son, but as the “perfect heir.” Her main interactions with her son are training and teaching.

Damian – A cross between the comical portrayals of Damian and Dick. He can be charming and funny, with a sharp wit like his father, but at the same time he can be condescending (like his interactions with Drake). He frequently mimics Bruce as exactly as he can. Not because he thinks it will gain him his father’s approval (Bruce is open enough that he knows he has his father’s love and approval, even if B can’t bring himself to say it often, he can show it), but because he wants to be exactly like his father. Reactions to him by the “heroes” range from “adorable” to “Holy shit, that kid is WAY too young to be that scary.”

Cass – She did kill before Shiva gave her to B. However, her motivations are not redemption, but understanding. B helps her come to terms with what she did, and eventually she feels it is okay to kill. When B gets her, she can’t talk, but she can understand several languages, and sign in ASL. B tries to give her a normal education, and works on her communicating. Eventually she can speak in short, simple, sentences, such as “Boys silly” or “Bored. Cake now.”

Diana – Warrior Princess. While compassionate, and loving peace, she knows that sometimes you do have to achieve it at the end of the sword. She has always been a little uncomfortable with the JL’s insistence that they never use lethal force, and has been suspicious of Luther from the start. This suspicion causes friction in the JL, to the point that she isn’t really close to any of them, as Luthor only picks people who he can fool (Di was brought in on S’s insistence). She was friends with Barry (platonic, she know who he was and that he was married), but he died.

She came to Man’s World after Steve crashed on Themyscira. He showed the Amazons that not all men are vile pigs. Steve had a crush on her, but she did not reciprocate. She wants someone who is an equal, if not in physical power, but in goals and drive. She wasn’t bothered that she was stronger than Steve, but that she would have been in charge, and that he would have trouble taking care of himself in many situations. Also, she felt that she would be in charge if they started a relationship, and she wants a partner, not a subordinate.

Good friends with Steve and Etta Trevor. After Di rejected Steve’s advances, he fell in love with Etta. There is no tension between the three of them, as Steve no longer has romantic feelings towards Di, and Etta understands that.

She dislikes Luthor, because she can see through his act. Over time, she learns just how evil Luthor is.

She considers Superman a friend, although not a close one. Superman, has tried to start a romantic relationship with her. While she admired his compassion and strength, she refused because she saw that she was the silver metal to Lois, and that he wasn’t with Lois not because she didn’t like him, but because he was afraid to be. Di also has a problem with his naiveté towards Luthor, his belief that lethal force is never justifiable, even if innocents have to die, that he has no desire to improve himself (he’s not lazy, but he doesn’t spend time learning new skills or improving his fighting ability, feeling he is strong enough already), and that he doesn’t WANT his powers, but really wants to be a normal guy.

Her feelings towards Bruce are that she likes his compassion, drive, and intellect. Before she knows he is the Demon’s Bat, she sees him as a friend/confidant. After she finds out he’s the Demon’s Bat, she gets mad, at first. After Steve and Etta die, and they reconnect, they again become friends/confidants. Eventually, romantic feelings between the two start. Probably don’t act on it until they are on the same side.

Agrees with B that killing may be necessary, but disagrees with how often. Tries to reign him back.

In a one on one fight, she can beat anyone in the JL. Her powers are second only to S, and her skill ranks her in the top martial artists. Not as good as people like Shiva, and not quite as good as B, but still better than anyone who has powers. She doesn’t have the skills/toys to cheat, so if she ever faces someone as strong and as skilled, she will lose, whereas B can fight above his weight class.

She has never been in a serious relationship with a man. She was still too wary of men to date Steve, and she only went on a few dates with Supes before realizing he wasn’t what she wants. She won’t go on dates with the kind of people who proposition her outside of the JL, because she doesn’t know them, and she won’t go on dates with anyone in the JL.

I realize the B/T/Di relationship is a LITTLE too close to SMWW, with WW just kinda waiting around for T to leave. However, the idea is B and Di really are just friends, they have no intention of it going beyond that until several years after T and B split up. Also, T is not worried about the B/Di relationship until it really is more than friends. Also, thanks to the pits, all three are functionally immortal, so it’s not quite the same.

Superman – The lovable, naïve, and nosy farmboy, with a touch of DCnU scared to be with a normal human (Lois). He is smart, but not a genius. His power levels are generally in line with the DCAU. He feels his powers are enough, and does not spend time trying to improve his fighting skills. He is multi-lingual to help his job as a reporter. He does not speak as many languages as Di or B. He teaches Di Kryptonian (as a ploy to spend time with her), and she eventually teaches it to B as well. Luthor grew up in Smallville with S, and so he thinks they have been friends for most of their lives. This is the main reason why nothing Di can say about Luthor makes him think Luthor is anything other than what he says he is. He might have a crush on Di, but he’s been friends with Luthor since they were kids. Bros before hos, not that he would ever be so crass as to say that.

Luthor – A megalomaniac. He feels that Superman is taking his rightful place as the man of the hour, and so he founds the JL to use it as publicity. He has Booster Gold join the JL specifically so he has a tech hero sponsored by LexCorp that can outdo Supes. While Booster’s own flaws of being a hero for fame hamper these efforts, Luthor is able to spin it in the media so that Booster and Luthor are an examples of the best of humanity. He never outright denigrates Supes, because he wants Supes to think of him as a friend. Luthor knows Clark and Superman are the same person, and Clark knows that. While Luthor is using him, and resents how easily the public worships Superman, he hides that well, even as he tries to overtake S. In Luthor’s mind, they ARE friends, he just has a twisted idea of what a friend is. Kind of like the Joker-Batman dynamic.


JL – Normal DCcU
JL (formal wear) – Tuxes with cowls/masks. Tuxes in the color of the hero (red and blue for Supes, green and black for GL, Red and Yellow for Plas, etc), with symbol on pocket. Di wears an evening dress with silver vambracers and high heeled sandals, floor length, slit up the side. I’m thinking Di and T’s dresses are similar, they’re both women of action.

Luthor – Power suit from Destroyer in JLU.

Talia (Formal Wear) – dark green dress. Upper body is a sleeveless tank top style, with boob window, floor length dress slit high up thigh, designed to look good, but also allow movement. Based on her tan dress in BTAS.
Talia (LoA) – Catsuit. Does not use guns. Has the armored LoS gauntlets, a sword, and several daggers.

Bruce (Formal Wear) – Black tux with black bow tie and crimson cummerbund and pocket square.
Bruce (Formal Demon’s Head) – Black three piece suit with cardinal (shade of red, look it up on Wikipedia) shirt. Great coat with silk Cardinal lining. Black demon’s head mask (see the mask Ra’s wears in “the Demon’s Quest” BTAS episode. The ears are smaller, closer to the ears on the cowl.
Bruce (Combat) – Arkham City Batsuit, less the underwear on the outside, with demon’s head mask instead of cowl. Grey body armor, instead of a bat, a demon’s head with bat wings (mask head combined with Batman Beyond bat). Black with cardinal trim on symbol. Belt is black with cardinal accents. Wears a 2 foot long wakizashi (think short, one handed, katana with a very, very mild curve) diagonally across the back (through a slit in the cape). Has a tanto strapped to his left hip, so he can wield it in his left and the wakizashi in his right.
Bruce (Standard LoS wear) – Black pinstripe suit, no tie.

Henri Ducard (standard LoS wear) – grey pinstripe suit, no tie (what he wears when he first shows up in Batman Begins)
Henri Ducard (combat) – Ninja outfit from Batman Begins
Fake Ra’s – Outfit from Batman Begins

Damian (standard LoS/Formal) – Dresses exactly like Bruce. When people talk about it’s cute that he dresses like his father, he makes it clear he’s doing it on purpose (once he’s old enough to think that through).
Damian (combat) – Once he’s old enough to be Robin (but, doesn’t go by Robin, not sure what he’d go by), he uses a black armored suit with blue accents (think AC Batsuit, except crossed with Nightwing bird design). Has a cape lined with dark blue, and a hood with a domino mask. Same Wakizashi/tanto combination as Bruce, only shortened proportionately.

While I would like suggestions on anything I wrote, I have a few specific places I need help:
Encounters between the LoS and the JL (pre and post-schism)
Encounters between the LoS and LoA
A reason for B not to just kill T, beyond loyalty/love. T won’t kill B because she believes she can win him over (even after he gets together with Di).
Adventures after Di joins with B
How Di finds out B is DB

After I get some suggestions, I think I will start writing the actual story in another thread.

If you want to write part of this, feel free. Just, if it’s a section that’s going to be up soon (so, with nothing written, anything in years 0, 1, and 2), please call it.
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Re: The Demon's Head Bat - Evil Bruce

Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:51 am

This sounds like a awesome idea a couple of questions if you don't mind what about jason todd and will the court of owls be in this
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