Justice A Reclaiming Equestria Story.

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Justice A Reclaiming Equestria Story.

Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:53 pm

WARNING!!! This story is based on the Fall of Equestria stories, and has loose ties to The Lady Isis' Memories to a Stranger. For those unfamiliar with either of these allow me to say the following. Both Contain non-consensual sex. Fall of Equestria typically goes way over the top, and I'm not a fan of it. I do however love reading stories where the villains (the Caribou) get what's coming to them. That said, I wanted to write a story where they would get their just desserts at the hands of Bruce and Diana, and eventually the entire Justice League.

Thank you.



A Reclaiming Equestria Story Featuring DCAU Batman and Wonder Woman

Chapter One: Interference

Diana smiled, gracefully walking through the large room, heading toward the speaking floor. Recently, opening the Themyscaria Embassy, helping with Audery’s growing unrest in Kasnia, and then finally openly dating was certainly taking most of her time. The fact that she could call tonight a date was a bit of a stretch, but Bruce was doing his best to act his part.

It was certainly a black tie affair, most of anything Wayne Enterprises was connected to tended to be formal, and being here as Bruce’s fiancee certainly allowed her some freedom. There were still a few lewd stares in her direction, from men and woman, but she had learned to hold her temper. Coming into the “world of men” meant she ofttimes had to deal with the rather unsavory idea of women as objects. It was as foreign a concept as the concentration of wealth was to all Themyscarians.

The ways of the Amazons didn’t include a stratified society or accumulated wealth. Every Amazon was given more than enough to live on with the collected bounty of the island. Poverty there was next to nonexistent and even as a Princess, Diana was expected to live a life of frugality and practicality. If she had to hear another corpulent penguin blather on about his homes, his yachts, or his personal airplanes, she might just renege on her promise to be polite tonight and start busting heads.

She looked about the room. Bruce undoubtedly was speaking to Lucius Fox. The times she’d met him Diana came to conclusion that Lucius was gifted if overlooked within Wayne Enterprises. Another aspect of the world of men that she despised, racism. Lucius was likely the most brilliant man, besides Bruce, she had ever met. She had it in her mind that if Athena and Lucius were to ever meet, if would a match made in the Heavens. She knew several of her Amazon sisters who not be treated well here, not only because they were women but also because their skin color was as dark as Mr. Fox’s.

As she sifted through the crowd, she invariably heard Bruce’s voice carrying from one corner of the ball room. As she marched to that section, she also picked up the sound a woman’s voice, a woman with a sultry, deep alto that was plying compliment and innuendo in Bruce’s direction. While not a jealous woman, Diana couldn’t help but feel a thrill of jealousy pass through her stomach. As she parted a pair of gluttonous bankers making light of her physique (and ultimately paying the price as she shoved them away rather forcefully) she finally saw her beau- and a striking woman with short ringlets of fawn colored hair.

There was no denying that the woman was, without doubt, beautiful. She was also someone that Diana knew fairly well. There was some respect, some understanding between the two of them. Diana had assumed that part of that understanding would include Selina not attempting to seduce Bruce. It wasn’t that she was worried. Bruce wasn’t one to fall for seduction, but the fact that Selina was even attempting was causing a bite of anger to take hold in her stomach. Or maybe it was all this processed food was imbibing tonight. Grains, fruits, vegetables, that was the diet of an Amazon. These “hor d’oeuvres” she was nibbling on were doing nothing for her palate or her digestion.

“Excuse, me,” Diana said, interrupting a contentious debate between the two, “but I was hoping to steal away my fiancee for a few moments?”

Selina turned her head, as did Bruce, and glowered at the Amazon for a moment. The glower lasted but a moment, far longer than Diana would have prefered, before an ingratiating grin spread on the Kyle woman’s face.

“Diana,” she beamed, “how nice of you to drop in and say hi! Bruce and I were just discussing some politics. Would you care to join?”

“No,” Diana retorted, “I would rather not. Politics are- not polite dinner conversation.”

Bruce, sticking to his foppish playboy persona, laughed and uttered, “I’ve been trying to convince of her of that for the last ten minutes! I’m glad to see I have someone on my side.”

“Why would I not be on your side?” Diana cooed.

“I know, I can always count on you,” he gave a slight grin to Selina.

Diana had seen that grin a thousand times, and she’d seen it directed toward others in the know. It wasn’t a completely nice and polite gesture. It basically was a statement that there would be talk, later, with the real Bruce Wayne. Selina seemed to have taken the hint, and she looked at Diana.

“Well, dearie, it looks like you’ve taken my suggestion of staking your claim exceptionally well. I believe this is the point of the evening where I should go ahead and mingle. After all, I do so want my charity work to be funded, and there are more than a few individuals that would be capable of doing just that.”

Selina turned to leave to get a face full of chest. That chest, Diana was surprised to see, belonged to Gotham’s newest billionaire. It was strange to see him here, as he often employed what Bruce referred to as the Howard Hughes defense, sticking close to his home on the outskirts of Gotham and not making many public appearances. Unlike the rest of the Gotham Socialites, Moexatl Ana’Ra was a newcomer and didn’t imbibe a thing at these gatherings. Indeed, he was holding onto a used water bottle filled with tap water. His eyes swept over Ms. Kyle and a glimmer formed in his dark eyes.

“Ah, Ms. Kyle, a pleasure bumping into you, literally,” Ana’Ra said.

“Well, if it isn’t the elusive Mr. Moexatl,” Selina retorted, “whatever brought out a man such as yourself to this hive of scum and villainy?”

“Besides boredom?” Ana”ra answered, “the cats.”

“The cats?” Diana asked, “What does he mean?”

“What I mean, Miss, is that I am conservationist, not to be confused with a communist or a conservative,” Ana’Ra replied, “I adore wild things, like the mountain lions that bastard is trying to kill off for his overpriced condos.”

“I didn’t know you cared about wildlife,” Selina commented, “I would thought an industrialist like yourself would prefer a place like Dagget’s for the- amenities.”

“As if,” Ana’Ra replied venomously, “a wise man once said, ‘In wildness is the preservation of the world.’ The more ‘civilized’ our planet becomes the less natural it becomes. I would not want to tell my future children that there used to condors and pumas and whales but humanity killed them off in the name of progress and profit.”

“Well, finally, a man with a spine,” Selina cooed, “why don’t you and I discuss the kitties somewhere cozy?”

“For you Miss Kyle,” Ana’Ra said, “anywhere is fine as long as it isn’t here.”

“I like the sound of that,” Selina said, then to Diana and Bruce, “well, it looks I wasn’t long for this soiree. See you two lovebirds later.”

With a swish of her ball gown, Selina and the taller Ana’Ra made their way to the exit.

“She works quickly,” Diana mused, still uncomfortable with the idea of her fellow sisters as competition for male attention and everything else, “Bruce, if I may, how do you stand these things? I’ve heard more discussion on such banal trivialities than even the worst gossip on Themyscaria.”

“I don’t,” Bruce answers in a low whisper, “I do my best to screen it all out, until something important comes along. Which in this crowd, rarely happens.”

She looked around, seeing the practically endless amount of Gotham’s wealthy Elite. She then saw someone else enter. She had been naive before, and part of that naivety had been that Clark simply didn’t have the same kind of enemies she and Bruce had. Faust had been after power, ultimate power, Cheeta was looking for a way to transform back, and slowly losing herself to the more animalistic side she’d adopted.

One of her own sisters had attempted to kill all men on Earth, and then there was her… She didn’t want to call Hades her father. Perhaps he had helped her mother form her from clay. Perhaps that had been true, but he was not her father. Regardless, Hades tended to be a thorn in the League’s side, and he did tend to like to specifically mess with her. But it had been Luthor that had made her realize that everyone had darkness in them, and he had let his own perversions take hold.

Time had flown since that time, there had been questions asked, various talk shows, newspaper interviews, and through it all she had been held a hero not for her normal actions, but because she had come forward and reported what Luthor had done. Regardless, Lex Luthor was gone, dead, and as a twisted gift Hades was personally seeing to his torment in Tartarus.

She’d been allowed to see it, once, on her birthday. Morpheus apparently had done a favor for Hades by filling her dreams with the sounds of Lex screaming. She could smell the brimstone, the heat, and see Luthor’s phantom body healing once more before Hades personally had his enchanted suits of armor begin slicing his skin from his muscle, his muscle from his bones, and then crushing the bones into dust.

“Happy Birthday Daughter, know that this… soul, will never find rest. That is my gift to you.”

She had awoken from the dream, and a small part of her felt guilty that she did not feel some sympathy for Luthor. Now, she looked at another business man that was far more open with his evil than Luthor had been. Roland Dagget walked into the party. He looked confident, powerful, and most of all pleased with himself.

“Wayne,” he said.

“Dagget, I didn’t know you had an invitation.”

The older man produced a silver envelope with gold lettering, “Everyone that donated to the Wayne Enterprises Orphanage fund received one.”

She could see the way Bruce was trying to control himself, “You know, it was smart of what you did, buying up all of Luthor’s business. You managed to get his contracts, his holdings, and hell, somehow you managed to hold onto them, or you did.”

She watched as Dagget pulled another envelope from his pocket, “I’m sure you remember Federal Judge Watson. A friend of mine, a club owner in our fair city, introduced me to her. Well, it seems that your acquisition of Luthor Tech, and holding onto it, can be considered a monopoly. The Government is going to demand that you sell sections of it off. I wanted to give you the news before the official paperwork is delivered. Be seeing you.”

She watched him walk away, and she felt sick. Luthor acted the same way. He was just as arrogant as Dagget. She hadn’t even realized she was beginning to hyperventilate until she was lead outside.

“It’s okay Princess, breathe.”

She took a few breaths, trying to desperately to calm down. Since recovering herself, since remembering who she was, more memories had surfaced. She still remember being that other woman Luthor had Grodd create. Most of the false memories had faded, but not what had happened, not letting Luthor do those things to her.

“Sorry,” she says.

“Don’t be. Besides, this is good enough excuse to leave.”

“You would use a panic attack to leave?”

He looks at her, his expression telling her that he’s most likely done that before. Bruce walks toward Lucius, explaining that they need to leave, and to please extend every courtesy to their guests. She watched as he congratulated Lucius on his new venture, and together they walked out of the party. Waiting, almost as if he had known they would be leaving early, was Alfred.

“Master Bruce, Your Highness, I assume that you’ve endured the social as long as possible.”

She nodded, and Alfred gave a slight smile, “Very well.”

Without another word the Rolls Royce Phantom II begins to drive down the icy street. It feels nice, to be alone, to be heading home. She moved against Bruce, enjoying the closeness they have. She realized that once we get there Bruce will be checking in with his sons, no their sons, and they will both ensure they are fine.

Checking in on them holds another reason. Tim, after what happened, the abduction, then what happened with the Joker… she closed her eyes. It took a year for him to gain some kind of peace, and finding that microchip the Joker left on him. She was thankful that her lasso had the ability to help, although it had been horrifying hearing the Joker’s voice come from their son.

Arriving home Diana relaxed once they were inside of the manor. Wayne Manor was huge, most of it cleaned by cleaning crews that Alfred personally oversaw, although Alfred did handle most of the more delicate work. Together the two of them walked to the cave. Once there they were greeted by the sound of Tim hitting the heavy bag.

“Master Timothy, am I to assume that you’ve studied for your college entrance exams?”

He looked at the older man, and instead of fighting or trying to say he had, he shook his head.

“Then I suggest that you go and prepare.”

“Dick thinks I’m ready.”


Tim was expecting Bruce to say it. He was expecting to hear Bruce’s voice. He wasn’t expecting Diana.


She nears him, pulling him into a hug. One that he isn’t able to break, and soon he returns it.

“I can do this. I was careless before, too over confident.”

“Tim, it’s not up for discussion.”

“Actually, it is.”

Both of them looked up to see Nightwing, Dick Grayson, their oldest son, walking toward him. Behind him Powergirl, Karen Starr, who had formerly been the clone of Kara Galatea, neared them.

“The Titans are reforming. They need some new recruits, and they need some sponsors. I’ve agreed, so has ‘Tea. We’ll be there to help oversee it. He’s going to start again even if you don’t like it Bruce. You taught us too well.”

Bruce looked at them, his eyes hard, his mind set, and before the word could leave his mouth the alarm went off. He went over to the computer and opened the communication between the cave and the Watchtower.

“Batman, Wonder Woman, there has been a disturbance in Metropolis. One of Star Labs’ old facilities has been accessed.”

“If you’re contacting us then this is beyond local law enforcement abilities.”

“It is,” Mr. Terrific said as he switched the sight over the lab, “It’s the lab that had access to part of CADMUS’ stockpile of tech. We can’t be sure what they’re after, but the intruders are not the typical hired muscle we’ve seen with the local organized crime syndicates. Their methods are far superior. I wouldn’t have known about the breakin if it hadn’t been for one of your hidden motion detectors. They went through some serious level five security.”

“We’re on it. Give us three minutes and then activate the teleportation platform to direct teleport the both of us there.”

“Tim, we will discuss this when we return.”

With that Bruce and Diana quickly changed, stepped up to the platform, and a few moments later they were gone.

Star Labs #0010, CADMUS Access Point

Walking up to the door the first thing Bruce noticed was how it didn’t quite close right. The thieves had obviously been cauious enough to ensure that the building didn’t seal back once the door was open. Below this building was a collection of weapons that was locked away for good reason. There was a collection of weapons from Luthor Tech, Apokolips, alternate realities, and even in some cases, the far future. CADMUS had went through a ton of trouble to ensure that it would take more than normal master thieves to get to their vault, and then beyond it would take something else. They both moved into the building, listening for the sounds of footsteps, for anything that would alert them, and then they saw the shadows.

“Honestly, I really didn’t expect anyone to know what was going to happen for a few weeks.”

Looking at them Bruce instantly recognized the faces from the report Stewart and Queen had brought back. Tharok, Persuader, and Emerald Empress of the Fatal Five.

“I thought you said that the news archives of this era indicated there would be no one here.”

Tharok turned toward the green haired woman, his eyes hard, “I said the news archives indicated that official discovery of the break in, and the theft, wasn’t known until well over a week after today. That’s different, and it just means that we defeat these two.”

Before any of them could say a word a green shower of sparks flew and they turned to see Persuader cut through a sealed door. When he did a light began to cover the five of them. Knowing they had seconds, at best, to leave Tharok grabbed his two allies and pressed a small device on his wrist. The three of them disappeared, and the light spread out toward both Bruce and Diana.


“Diana get clear, now!”

“I’ll,” he shook his head as he ran behind her.

“No, you’d need to fly far faster than I could withstand to escape that, that’s why you need to get clear now!”

“I will not leave you!”

The light covered them, and a moment later there was a loud blast. Behind the sealed door an experimental dimensional travel portal device, designed by Luthor Tech, powered down.

Everfree Forest - Near the Ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters

She’d gotten loose, and she wasn’t sure how it was that she had. All she knew was that there was three Caribou guards chasing her, and if they caught her… Oh sweet Selene death would be better. It would be so much better.

“Get back here cunt!”

She wanted to scream, to cry out, but she didn’t dare. She needed to flee deeper into the Everfree. Deeper into the safety of these woods. How had it come to this? How had things gotten so bad? Her dark midnight blue coat was covered with sweat. She was thankful, so thankful, that Dainn had been foolish enough to transport her to Ponyville, to show off his prized black collar.

If she had her magic, her horn, she would deal with these three, destroying them where they stood, but she didn’t have her magic, and the enchanted binding on her wings were digging painfully into them. It was hard to run, to stay focused, but she had so little choice.

“When we catch you, we’re going to take turns teaching you your place, and then King Dainn is going to be far less merciful than we are!”

That was not an incentive for her to stop. If she crossed the bridge she would be in her old home again, and there was traps, hidden passages, all of which would give her an edge until she free herself of these bindings, and perhaps find a way of regrowing her horn. She felt the sway of the old wooden bridge, this was it, just a few yards and she’d be in front of her old home. Her pace quickened, her hands grasped the ropes,and she practically started sprinting across. She saw the salvation of her old home.

She would heal, she would regrow her feathers on her wings, bring back her horn, and she would rise up with her subjects. Together they’d stop Dainn, together they would bring back peace, true peace, to Equestria. She sprinted toward the old thick doors and then she felt herself knocked to the ground. Salvation a mere fifteen hoofsteps away from her.

“Cunt, you dare to defy us?” she felt her tail roughly moved, her hands held down in front of her, her legs pried open, and then she felt the head of a cock touch her tailhole.

She felt tears threatening to flow down her cheeks. These monsters had stolen her hope. She felt him roughly enter her. There was no chance to get away, and she let out a primal scream of pain.

“Shut up Cunt!”

He hit the back of her head driving it into the dirt.

“Please, please help us! If somepony can hear me help us!”

“The stupid cow thinks there will be help coming. Don’t you realize the power of male superiority? We’ve won, we are everything, we are your masters, and it is your duty to be our cocksleeves and breed for us.”

She cried, and yet something did hear her. The very Everfree forest itself heard her cries. Like the Tree of Harmony the Everfree was made of old magic, but it was chaotic, random, and it understood the need for harmony. It witnessed what happened inside of it, and it began to feel outside of itself, sensing the disorder and chaos that was happening across all of Equestria, throughout most of Equus.

It sensed the great turmoil, the horrific things so many were being subjected to, and within the span of mere moments a sort of council was held of some of the oldest living pieces of magic. It was decided that a champion, or champions, were needed. Sapient beings that stood for harmony, for justice, and would undo what had been done. First the council looked across its own world, but there was none that had the qualities it needed, or if they did, they had been corrupted and could possibly become corrupted again.

At that point it stretched out, feeling further, and it found two. Both stood for justice, both stood against those who would cause disharmony, and both would fight to the death to protect innocence. One was even considered a knight. Deciding both of these beings would be perfect the Everfree with the other living magic felt the connection of where they were trapped, opened it, and dumped them onto the world waiting for them.

Dropping out, the two of them hit the ground. Diana slowly rose, hearing the screams of pain, of fear, and saw what was going on. Her eyes blazed with the fury of the sun, her anger thick and hot, and she rushed forward grasping one of the would be attackers. It didn’t matter that they stood like humans and looked like animals. It didn’t matter that there was three of them. All that mattered was that one of them was being violated. She knocked the attack she was holding away, causing him to slam hard into a tree breaking it in half, and sending him tumbling on.

Her eyes fell on the other two attackers. Before she could do anything else a powerful green glow covered her, lifting her into the air. She felt her arms and legs stretched out, and then she was slammed against the side of the castle.

“Cunt, I don’t know what you are, but I do know what is going to happen. You will be taught your place.”

They didn’t hear, nor see the being that had moved into the shadow. They didn’t hear the sound of two bat shaped boom-a-rangs heading toward them. But they felt the incredible amount of electricity stored in each one. Both of them fell to the ground, and Diana followed suit.

She watched as he came out of the shadows, as he neared the trembling creature. He knelt down, slowly, “Are you okay?”

The creature looked at him, her face showing confusing.

“Do you understand me?”

Luna watched as he looked on at her in confusion. Didn’t he understand simple Enquish? She had spoken plain enough, even used the more common half nicker instead of the older more pronounced older tongue.

“Bruce, I don’t think that she understands us, but Hera, she’s intelligent. She’s directly attempting to speak to you.”

He offered her his hand. Slowly, she took it, realizing that neither he, nor the other female, seemed interested in hurting her. She then watched as he tied up the two knocked out Caribou. She wanted to explained that it would be best to throw them into the ravine. To let them fall to their deaths, but she couldn’t. Instead all she could do was to point to them, then to the ravine.

He shook his head, and she shook her head, pointing back at them, then again to the ravine. Again he shook his head, indicating that he wouldn’t do it. She closed her eyes and swore softly. After a moment she pointed to the stub where her horn had been, then at their antlers. He watched her motions, and then she showed him again. Realizing what she meant he looked at the female and together they looked at the two of them.

She watched as he pulled something from his belt. It looked small unimportant, and then a mere moment later a green light came out of it. The light moved across the antlers of one of them and she watched as they fell off. What was left was a charred place where the light had moved. Before he could do the same to the other one the female had grabbed the antlers, moved her hand slightly and broke them with little effort.

She was was stronger, much stronger, than any of her Earth Pony subjects. At least now they would be unable to cast magic. With that she pointed to them again, pointed to the castle, to them, and then the female lifted them with all ease. They followed her into the old castle and she had to stop and consider everything. It had been ages since she had lived here, and while she remembered where everything was at, she was having a hard time remember how to access the dungeons.

She remembered the castle being built, each stone selected and cut, and then she remembered the access to the stairs. She walked toward a bust of her father. She pressed into his right eye, and when she did part of the wall moved. The two of them followed her until they were deep into the bowels of the castle itself.

She pointed toward one of the cells, and watched as they put them into it. She walked forward and pulled the gate shut. The sound of the ancient lock clicking into place echoed, and she was thankful that the stone and ironworkers were so well versed in their crafts. She looked at them, desperately trying to think of how to communicate with them. Even speaking as if to a foal would be of benefit.

They climbed the stairs again, and she felt uneasy. Over the last several months clothing had been a luxury she was not granted. She had never been overly proud of her body. Celestia was certainly the more beautiful of the two of them, but now she felt shameful to be nude. She knew any clothes here would be rotted to nothingness. She covered herself, and it was the male, the stallion, for lack of a better word, that acted.

She watched as he dug into his belt, pulling out two small pouches. He placed them on the ground, stepped on them, and she watched as they grew. After a moment they popped open and he handed her what looked like a shirt made for an Earth Pony, and pants that would likely fit anypony, or would except for the tail.

She quickly pulled the pants on, ignoring the fact that they hung below her tail, and then she pulled the shirt on. She felt the restrainers still holding her, digging into her, the enchantment still strong. She felt a twinge of pain as the internal barbs dug into her flesh. She felt the female feel them, look at the male, and a moment later she heard the sound of the metal crunching, ripping, and then it came off. There was a jolt of energy, one that knocked the female to the ground.

The male said a single word, it was odd, but he’d said it a few times. It was always directed toward her, always toward the female, and that must have been her name. She cleared her throat, at least she could try to say the name of one of her rescuers.


Bruce looked at the creature. The word was strained, and it sounded as if said by a member of the royal family, but it was certainly Diana’s name.

She could understand. She seemed to get that they were speaking another language. If she could learn a name she could learn other words. He could as well. Being able to speak would be of a benefit in this place.

“Hera, did she just say my name?”

Bruce nodded, “Diana,” he pointed to Diana, and then he pointed to the creature.

The creature looked at him, opened its mouth, and he heard some nickering, then what sounded like a word mixed in there. He wasn’t sure, but it sounded like Lunar. Like her he cleared his throat.


She shook her head, saying the word itself a bit more clearly. It sounded almost strained the way she was doing it, and he realized that she must be trying to pronounce it in a way he’d understand.


She nodded.

He looked at Diana who was looking at him. No one here knew his identity. There was no one to protect, and if they were building a relationship between the inhabitants. He looked at her again, pulled his cowl back, He could see her studying his face, seeing what he truly looked like for a moment.

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Justice A Reclaiming Equestria Story.

Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:58 pm

WARNING!!! This story is based on the Fall of Equestria stories, and has loose ties to The Lady Isis' Memories to a Stranger. For those unfamiliar with either of these allow me to say the following. Both Contain non-consensual sex. Fall of Equestria typically goes way over the top, and I'm not a fan of it. I do however love reading stories where the villains (the Caribou) get what's coming to them. That said, I wanted to write a story where they would get their just desserts at the hands of Bruce and Diana, and eventually the entire Justice League.

Thank you.


A Reclaiming Equestria Story Featuring DCAU Batman and Woman Woman
Chapter Two: Language (Part 1)

Bruce looked at the wounded creature that Diana had handled yesterday. Even without the diagnostic equipment he could tell the creature was suffering from various broken bones, a possible broken spine, and he could tell that without medical care the creature was going to die.


He was surprised that the comms was still working. He pressed the side of the cowl and studied the creature a little more.

“Out here Princess. I’m looking at the other creature.”

“Is he dangerous?”

Bruce activated the scanners in the lenses of his cowl. Like he had thought there was multiple broken bones. One arm was broken in seven places, a leg was broken in three, and then there was his spine. It was obviously broken.

“No. He’s not going to be a danger to anyone. In truth without medical help I have doubts that he will last through the day.”

The silence told Bruce more than anything Diana could have said. He loved her for several reasons, and one of them was certainly because of her compassion and merciful nature. Luthor had corrupted a part of that. She was far less compassionate and less merciful when it dealt with rapists. There was absolutely no doubt in his mind that this creature, along with the other two, were rapists.

The Batman didn’t kill, and right now Diana hadn’t killed, but the moral question was he going to save this creature? He heard something behind him, and he saw Luna. She was still wearing the emergency suit of clothes he had brought along with him. Years of patrolling Gotham, dealing with various victims that had been mugged, raped, or worse had thought him to bring along spare clothes.

She walked toward the creature, and he could see the same kind of anger and hate in her eyes that had been in Diana’s. She didn’t touch him, but instead she spat on him, and a string of sounds left her mouth. He couldn’t begin to tell what she was saying, but if he had to assume he was certain she was cursing him. Once more she pointed to the creature, then to the ravine.

“No, I will not kill him.”

She shook her head, then pointed to the castle. He knew what she was trying to get at, but he wasn’t sure how to explain it. He looked at his gauntlet and flipped open a slightly more bulged out part. When he did a screen appeared. He pointed it to her, then to it, and then he activated the scanners in his lenses again. With a few taps he connected the lenses to the micro computer.

She watched as he scanned the being, and her eyes widened. She could see its bones, its organs, and she looked again at the Caribou. He wouldn’t be walking, or fighting, or raping anyone ever again. Right now he was dying, and it would take several hours of surgery to save him. The strange stallion, Bruce, she was sure that was what he called himself, wouldn’t kill. He was willing to deal with the Caribou, to stop them from using magic, and to hurt them, but he wasn’t killing them.

The other female, Diana, seemed a little more willing to go the extra step.


He looked at her. She tried to focus on what he’d said, how his words worked, and at most there was little she could really come up with. She looked at him, hoping that at least he could read her body language, that he’d understand that the Caribou was dangerous, to leave it alive would be foolish. He held up his hand in a gesture she’d seen her sister use a few times. Meaning just a moment.

“Diana, I have an idea of what to do with this being.”

“Leaving him there to rot seems fine to me.”

He knew she was going to be upset, “We need to send a message. We drop him off at the edge of this forest. His own kind will discover him. With any luck they’re going to decide that it would be too dangerous to come into the forest, or at least this deep into it.”

“I’ll be out in a moment.”

The thought of letting that thing live bothered her, and Diana felt terrible that it bothered her. Her mission was to spread the Amazon way, to prove that truth, honesty, loyalty, love, and peace were the foundations in which all nations could prosper and even become one. Now, she still wanted to present these values, prove that they truly were the cornerstones needed, but she wanted to deal with those who violated others so much more harshly.

She spotted Bruce, saw the creature, and she lifted it far less carefully than she was certain he needed. She was glad that Bruce didn’t say a word about it. Instead she flew toward the edge of the forest, seeing a cottage in the distance, and she dropped the creature there. She flew back toward where Bruce was, not noticing the statue of a creature that looked to be a hodge podge collection of parts.

Getting back she entered into the ruins of the castle and saw Bruce and the creature they saved, Luna, sitting across from each other. She neared them, and then she watched as Bruce lifted a small rubber ball. A black bat adorned the face of it, and she knew that it was something he must have had stored in his belt. He held the ball, pointed at it, “Ball.”

She looked at it and then back at him. “B.all, Ball.”

He nodded, then he pointed at it, then at her. Taking the hint she looked at it again, “Ball.”

He looked at it again, then at her once more, “Ball.”

She nodded. Diana sat down, listening, watching, and she observed as Bruce and Luna began to learn more and more of each other’s language. Hours passed, and finally, Luna was able to speak to them. It was choppy, at best, but it was a beginning.

“Those creatures, the Caribou, they harmed you?”

Luna nodded, “They come, harm many of… me, ones like me. They do bad,” she closed her eyes, “they hurt in bad ways, change some of ones like me to be like them.”


“Apparently this isn’t a localized situation,” he looked at Diana, and then back at Luna, “I know my words hard for you, I am still learning yours, I need to know more.”

She looked at him, “I need this,” pointed to where her horn was, “and I can show you.”


She thought for a moment, “One like me, live here, in forest. She can help.”

“You know where?”

She nodded.

“Lead the way.”

The three of them waited until it was dark, and Bruce grabbed what looked like a torch from a holster. It was a simple construct. Rope, wound tightly over what looked like a wooden club. It had been dipped into a thick fuel, something like a very raw crude oil. With any luck it would burn for hours. He lit it with a lighter, watched as it caught, and the three of them headed into the forest.

Walking out the three of them walked over a bridge that looked ancient. They moved deeper into the forest, and as they walked Bruce could make out the sounds of wolves in the distance. Still, they walked until Bruce could see a small hut in the distance. As they neared it something soared over them and then it exploded.

“Beware those who foolishly roam! Beware for I do defend my home!”

“Gentle Zecora, it is Princess Luna. I have come to ask for thy help.”

The figure stepped forward, and Diana could see it was similar to Luna, obviously female, and it looked like a Zebra.

“Princess, truly it is you? What is it you need, what can I do?”

Luna motioned for them to follow, and together they stepped into the hut. Bruce watched as the Zebra nodded, to something Luna was saying and after a few minutes she brought over a cup of greenish glowing liquid. She handed it to Luna, and Bruce recognized the word drink. He watched as she drank it down, and then she groaned as she fell to her knees. Slowly, something began to form, almost as if made out of a pale blue light, and it grew darker.

Several moments passed before Luna stood, a horn now in place on her head. She looked at Bruce, “Sleep, I show.”

He looked at her, not sure what she meant. He took a seat, cleared his mind, and began to relax. For several minutes nothing happened, but then he felt something inside of his head, something moving, and then he saw a large throne room.

“Can you understand me now?”

Bruce nodded as he saw Luna appear.

“Good, it means that I can access your dreams. I am a co-ruler of this land,” she gave a slight smile and then pointed toward what looked like a mist that appeared in the same room, “We were a peaceful nation. Our armies had slowly converted over to Royal Guards, leaving a very small fighting force. For all purposes our world, almost all of our world, was willing to coexist in peace.”


Bruce looked to see Diana as she looked on at the images in the mist.

“It’s what we wanted. This is the image of what the Amazons wanted the world to be.”

“Yes, and then a pass opened in the frozen north. A path that had not been open for several generations. The first ponies to reach it was my niece and her husband. Rumors of the Caribou, of their wishing to trade with us, and my niece wanted to be the first princess to greet them,” her muzzle scrunched up in anger, “The Caribou have a way of altering a pony, of changing them, making them want and wish to do things they would never do. They did this to my niece, her husband, and then through them they began to move into the rest of Equestria.”

“What did they do?”

Bruce watched as Diana neared her.

“They enthralled my niece, her husband, and then they began moving inward. When word finally reached us of what was happening it was too late. They didn’t directly come for us, instead they began taking over colonies, towns that resided just outside of our lands, and they made their way inward.”

“They used a pincer maneuver, from the sounds of it a long and quiet one,” Bruce said as he looked at her, “when they moved in they did it quietly as well didn’t they?”

She nodded, “They infiltrated our guard, starting those stationed outside of our country.”

“They used the corrupted guard to move in, operating covertly, and then they launched the attack. From the looks of things the attack was mostly successful, but seeing that you, and I’m going to assume others, weren’t affected by them they aren’t overly thorough. That means they are complacent, arrogant, sloppy.”

Diana smiled, “We can use that against them.”

Bruce nodded, “Yes, we can. First we need to gain a firmer grasp on the language. I’m assuming that for the most part we’ve been speaking would would basically be like a child to each other.”

Luna nodded, “Verily, we have. Our communication to one another had been limited to simple objects. Given time I could perhaps craft a spell that would allow us to understand one another.”

“Time spent that we could simply learn each other’s language the old fashioned way. From now on speak in your own language. We will listen, and we will pick up on it.”

“Very well.”

Bruce felt the world around him beginning to fade, and slowly he awoke inside of the small hut. Once awake he looked at Luna who seemed more at ease with him.

“Bruce, how long will it take us to learn their language?”

He looked at Diana and grinned, “Not too long. Total submersion in a language is the fastest way possible of learning it. It allows the listener the chance to pick up on vocal cues, learn the connections, and adapt.”

“You’ve done this before?”

He nodded, “Yes, when I was training, I went to Japan not knowing the language there. I could have taken classes, perhaps made it easier on myself, but I chose not to. The one advantage I did give myself was a formal education in linguistics. I was able to listen to those around me, and in a week’s time I’d learned enough to find the grandmaster I was looking for.”

“Well then, let us begin.”

The next few days were a series of trial and error, but Diana did begin to pick up on what Luna was saying. She knew that Bruce was doing the same, and finally, on the fifth day of their being there she listened as Luna was was silently talking to herself, drawing a map.

“It is possible, if they can understand me, we could free Twilight Sparkle. If we can break the Caribou’s hold on her, and on Spike, it would give us an advantage we so desperately need. Twilight would have the magical knowledge to help break others of the hold the Caribou have on them.”

“Where is this Twilight Sparkle?”

Luna turned toward her, “You, you understand me?”

Diana nodded, “Yes, there is a few words I still not not quite understand, but most of what you have said I do.”

“Huzzah! We shall start the resistance!”

Diana grinned at her enthusiasm, but she didn’t fault her. To be honest she was certain that she could relate all too well. She’d heard stories from her mother, about how she and her sisters had been pitted against by Heracles and his men. She heard the terrible stories of what he had done, how he had tricked them, and then enslaved them.

She also heard that when she had the chance her mother had led her sister Amazons against Heracles, defeating him, and once his defeat was complete he was transformed into a living pillar used to support Themyscira. It was the same for these ponies. Luna turned her head, obviously hearing something, and she follows suit. They watched and saw Bruce entering into the room.

He had something, or rather someone. Diana watched as he carried the blindfolded Caribou. His hands were tied, as were his hooves, and Bruce didn’t say a word. Instead he climbed the stairs going to the top of the ruins. Once there he stepped out onto a ledge. Diana and Luna moved to watch him.

“Brother, let me leave. I do not know what your issue is with me, but if it is over that unworthy female you can have her. She’s an Earth Pony, worthless as a trophy, only suited for breeding.”

“You are going to tell me everything about your occupation of the nearby town, the guard schedules, the slave areas, and who is in charge.”

“Brother, I will, of course I will, and in return you will release me, right?”

Bruce uncovered his eyes, letting him see the drop that would end up letting him fall onto the jagged stones below. The scream he gave was satisfying.

“Whaaa… Why?!”

“You are going to tell me everything I want to know, or we are going to see if you have the ability to fly.”

Luna watched, amazed, as the Caribou began telling everything. He gave the names of the generals Dainn had left in command, were the black, red, purple, and white collar slaves where, what each type of collar meant, and even which stallions were under watch as potential mare sympathizers. He then went on to discuss when the guards did their rounds, when there would be the fewest, and finally he went on to give the location of his own slaves.

“Please, don’t kill me! Please!”

He tossed the Caribou bull against the wall, watching him wince in pain. He walked toward him, watching as the Caribou whimpered in fear.

“W… What are you?”

“I’m Batman.”

With that he kicked the Caribou hard in the head, making it bounce off of the side of the ruins and causing the Bull to go silent.

“Is he dead?”

“No, out cold. There’s a girl, young, down near the entrance. I’ve only been tempted to take justice into my own hands like this once before.”

Diana knew what he meant.

She lifted the stag easily enough, carried him down to the dungeons, and threw him into a cell near the others. They had food, something Bruce had been certain to leave there. By his reckoning, Bruce concluded that their treatment here in the ruins dungeon was a million times better than the treatment their enemies. Were he any other man, maybe Oliver or even Hal, these men, or bulls, would very much be pounded to within an inch of their miserable little lives. Bruce briefly considered making the bulls suffer; Diana’s rape and torture by Alexander Luthor had drawn in a wave of vicious thoughts in The Dark Knight, vengeance fantasies he had long since rid himself of resurfacing after decades of suppression.

What kept him from doing so, and it was the same horn he touted to Diana when she threatened to rampage on her foes, was a quote from Clark, of all people. “Only the weak succumb to brutality,” the Kryptonian said, “it’s much harder to meet cruelty with kindness.” As contradictory as such a sentiment was given his and Bruce’s chosen professions, it was a lesson he was repeating to himself now, more than ever. There may be some satisfaction in brutalizing these wretches but to what end would that accomplish. The Dark Knight had prided himself for never crossing the lines his more sociopathic and homicidal rogues often did.

It was when he returned to the area the young female, mare, was that he stopped. She was shaking, her large blue eyes frightened, her tail was crusty near the base, and she looked away from him.

“I… I’m a good slave, I am, anything you ask, please, don’t hurt me. This slave will do what you ask.”

He could see a red collar beside her, the black collar just barely being held on. He neared her and she cowered completely in fear, “Please, this slave knows her place!”

“Are you hurt?”

She looked at him, “This…”

He stopped her, a hand held up. She looked away, ready to be slapped, ready to feel the vicious sting of an attack one of her masters would rightly give her.

“You are okay, he’s gone, locked away, and nothing else will happen to you.”

Diana neared him, and he backed away. The young mare looked at her, confused. She was a mare, like herself, she was standing proud, with clothing, how was she not on her knees and hands? Why did she break the rules? She’d be punished for breaking them, for believing she was of the same value as a stallion. She looked down, unwilling to show anypony that she was anything other than a good slave.

“You are safe now.”

She knelt down next to her, “You are in a safe place, and we are here to help you.”

Her calming voice caught the young mare’s attention. She finally looked up at her.

“They’ll see you.. They always see. Please, don’t, I don’t want to be beaten again, please.”

“Thou shalt not be touched.”

The young mare looked up, her eyes widening.

“P..Princess Luna?”

Tears began running down her muzzle. She stood and ran toward the Princess who caught her in a hug. She held the young mare, the barely teenage filly who was on the cusp of marehood.

“Are… are we?”

Luna nodded, “Thou art safe. These ones here have vowed to help us, and we shall free the others. We begin our resistance.”

“Daddy… They… He’s gone, they.”

Luna hugged her tighter, “I know, I know how he cared for you, and I know he died to protect you, and your mother,” Luna led her further into the castle, “Come, let us clean you, let us help to heal you.”

Diana watched the young mare as Luna, or Princess Luna rather, lead her into the ruins. She then turned to see Bruce. He was checking his belt, his suit, and he was preparing to leave.

“Bruce, what are you doing?”

“Striking a blow. They’re cowards Diana. They are no different than the criminals back home. I’m going to give them a reason to be afraid.”

She smiled, “Yes, let’s give them a reason to be afraid.”

Both of them moved through the forest, moving through the path until they neared the edge of the Everfree. Diana looked at the cottage sitting there. She looked to see two Bulls walking out, both of them laughing.

“We start here.”

Before she could say a word Bruce melted into the shadows. It was almost as if he didn’t even exist. She watched for a moment until one of the Caribou fell. Before the other could say a word she flew toward him, hitting him hard enough to knock him out, and possibly break his jaw. She watched as he crumbled to the ground. Bruce removed the small device he had before and removed their horns.

She watched as he tied them up, leaving them on the path. Silently he moved again, heading toward the cottage. She followed, and watched as he snuck into the back window of it.

Fluttershy shook in terror. She did everything they wanted, she always did, and now one of the bulls was still here. She was kneeling before him, her hands still tied to the bottom of her couch.

“I love to hear a mare scream. And you… You are important, hearing you scream will be a pleasure.”

“Please…” she quietly begged.

“What was that?! You dare talk back when not asked for an answer?!”

“Sorry! I’m sorry!”

She felt the slap, hard, against the back of her head. Tears came hard and fast. Then she heard the sound of a grunt and a thud. She looked behind her to see a strange looking stallion that had tackled the bull. He was dressed similar to how she and her friends dressed up like Mare Do Well before. The Bull was trying to get up, but the stallion wrapped himself around the bulls arms.

“I’ll break you!”

Bruce pulled hard causing the Bull to groan in pain.

Fluttershy’s eyes widened as the bull’s arm cracked and broke. She saw bone come through it, and she felt bile and vomit rise up through her throat. She turned away, but it was too late. She vomited all over the side of her couch.

She felt her arms move, and looked to see a very strange mare tear through the chains she was wearing. She slowly stood up, her purple collar feeling too tight on her. She felt a pulling sensation and the collar came off the same way her chains were. She saw the dark stallion, striking the bull, over and over again, a vicious, feral look on his face. She watched as the mare moved toward him.


He stopped, looked toward the mare, and stood. The bull would live, if he didn’t choke to death on his own teeth and blood. The mare’s pink hair, left without proper care, was a tangled and knotted mess, her coat was sticky with bull seed that was spilled on her so often and her body was malnourished from an improper diet. The strange mare and stallion that thwarted the bull were much healthier looking than she was. The mare, in fact, was wearing silver vambraces that she couldn’t define. Her flowing ebony locks cascading down her back and framed her olive colored face. Her sinuous body was a single cord of dense muscle, something the little mare could never be.

Now realizing she was totally free, she felt the weight of all that had been to done to her and her compliance in it all. These realizations caused a wall to break in her mind and the winged mare breakdown then and there. The strange mare walked towards her, issuing reassurances but the golden mare was not having it. She pleaded with the foreigners, trying in vain to excuse her behavior, to be forgiven of her sins. In the end, though, she crashed into the muscled woman’s chest; as armored as her bosom was, it was a comfortably warm and Fluttershy wept openly onto the metal. When the strange stallion neared, she tried to wrap one of her forlorn wings around his waist only to find that evidence of her slavery still existed. The enchanted bindings the Caribou used for her wings were still there. She’d never gave them reason to use the enchantments, to cause the pain she knew the binders could cause. Instead she looked at him pitifully, an arm snaked out from around the strange mare, and caught him. With that arm she brought him into the embrace. And they stayed there for several moments while the mare bawled.

Fluttershy wasn’t overly thrilled about walking in the Everfree after dark. The strange stallion and mare seemed to know how to get the bindings off of her wings, and for the first time in nearly two years she stretched them out. She still felt so sad for simply rolling over for the Caribou. She knew that Rainbow had suffered the same fate as her. Rainbow wasn’t like her, she lived for flying, for soaring through the air, and being on the ground was a true torment for her.

She hadn’t seen her friend in over a year, but the bulls talked about her. The white collar that wouldn’t break. They had to strap her down, and Celestia… She knew things about Rainbow, things that most other ponies didn’t know. She knew that Rainbow had still been a… She’d been a virgin before all of this.

Her father, Rainbow Blaze, wanted her to wait, to find a good stallion, but not settle. He and Rainbow Shine wanted their daughter to completely achieve her goals in life. That was the first and most important thing. With this happening… She shivered. They neared the old castle and inside Fluttershy saw somepony she never expected to see free. Princess Luna was there, comforting a weeping filly. She stepped forward.

“P..Princess Luna?”

“Fair Fluttershy, t’is a relief to see one of the former bearers of the elements free. We have much to do,” she said as both she and the filly neared Fluttershy.

Without a second thought Fluttershy caught them both into a tight hug.

“Those strange ponies..”

Luna nodded, “I know not where they hail from, but they are here to help.”

Deciding it was best to leave the ponies to meeting with one another Bruce and Diana walked into the library. Bruce had seen it before, and now he was taking a moment. He pulled the cowl off of his head, his hair starting to mat to his scalp.

“We need the league for this,” Diana said.

He looked at her, at first he wanted to point out that Clark would be next to useless against magic, but she had a point. J’onn could blend in with the locals easily enough. Shayera would be an asset when it came to hand to hand combat, but being that her strength wasn’t much different than his own she would be at a disadvantage. He’d been able to take down those bulls earlier because they weren’t paying attention, and because they all shared the same traits of being idiots.

Diana could over power them, but she had trouble escaping the telekinetic hold they had at their disposal. One of their best assets would be Stewart. Having a Green Lantern here would make this more than easy. With a full charge his ring could possibly overcome any of the ‘magic’ these bulls chose to throw at him.

“A step then would be to look for a similar portal like we came through.”

Diana nodded, “It’s unlikely isn’t it?”

Bruce nodded as he stood, “From what I’ve seen this world’s technology is woefully underdeveloped. That interdimensional gate seemed to be what brought us here. Most likely it was a million to one chance that it would work the way it did. I have no doubt that the league has found it, and are examining it, but I don’t know if they’re actually going to be able to pinpoint our locations.”

Diana took a seat.

“We could be stuck here. But, I feel my gods, even here. Actually, Hades seems closer than ever, almost as if the very gates to Tartarus were just a short trip away.”

He knew that Diana’s gods had power, the same kind of power as Darkseid at the very least. That in and of itself spoke volumes, and it could be possible that her gods could open a way to their world again. But one thing he’d learned was that all magic had a price. Getting a favor from a god level being was not something he wanted to do.

“Do you really see them aiding us?”

“Most would. Bruce, most of my gods would aid me as their champion.”

He didn’t want to say something he’d regret, like where were they when she was kidnapped, brainwashed, and raped repeatedly for six months. Where were they when he finally found her, brought her back to herself, and helped her hold on to her sanity, and where were they when she’d wake in the middle of the night screaming? If Hades proclaimed to be her father he was a poor excuse for one.
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Justice A Reclaiming Equestria Story.

Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:18 pm

WARNING!!! This story is based on the Fall of Equestria stories, and has loose ties to The Lady Isis' Memories to a Stranger. For those unfamiliar with either of these allow me to say the following. Both Contain non-consensual sex. Fall of Equestria typically goes way over the top, and I'm not a fan of it. I do however love reading stories where the villains (the Caribou) get what's coming to them. That said, I wanted to write a story where they would get their just desserts at the hands of Bruce and Diana, and eventually the entire Justice League.

Thank you.


A Reclaiming Equestria Story Featuring DCAU Batman and Woman Woman
Chapter Two: Language (Part 2)

Bruce watched as Diana spoke to Luna. Like himself she had picked up on their language, and she was getting as good, if not better, as he was. Most men might feel a little threatened, but he just felt pride in that she was able to adapt so well. It was part of who she was. She was a natural born leader, a warrior, and soon to be life long partner. Years of training kept him listening to them, via the comms, while he researched the data he had gained from their guests in the basement. Most of them talked about how he'd be changed into a mare of his species, but a shock from his surplus of weapons soon ended the bravado. After that they confirmed what he had learned from the Caribou he had threatened to throw off of the ledge. It seemed that Ponyville was something of an important place because of a mystical connection between six different females, or mares rather, of their species. Apparently the Caribou had been informed of the massive power these six had. Their plan was to attack, divide them, and render any resistance useless.

It had worked, so far, but he had quickly learned that they were complacent, lazy, arrogant, and cowards. When presented a threat that actually stood a chance against them they ran. And it was part of the reason why they seemed to avoid this forest. He glanced at Luna. She had been chased into the forest because she was important. She was a co-ruler of this realm, and to keep the morale low she needed to be shown as a slave, even if it wasn't as a submissive one. The fact she was free was more than enough to cause small seeds of rebellion to begin bubbling up. They'd need to stop it, and that meant finding her. But with him and Diana capturing, and sending one back broken well beyond the technology of this place to completely heal him, several of them they seemed to be more reluctant to come into the forest itself.

"Are..Are we going to free Twilight?"

He looked at the one that asked. She looked healthy, a diet of the fruits and vegetables that they had gathered from the forest had done her wonders, but she was still exceptionally submissive, and painfully shy.

"Eventually," he replied.

"Umm, if you don't mind, would you please tell me why we're not going to free her now?"

He pointed toward Diana and Luna.

She looked toward them, her ears pointing more straight, and she listened as they spoke to one another.

"It is unwise to ask the Lord of Tartarus for a favor. Even if thou, you, are his daughter.:

(And that's where I'm currently at. I'm considering having Diana address Hades of this universe, which is actually going to be Hades in every Universe. He won't look the same, but they're all connected, at least for this story. What I want to do is have her strike a deal that will open a portal between their world and this one. Not sure if I should go that route or not though. Any suggestions?)
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Re: Justice A Reclaiming Equestria Story.

Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:49 pm

A little preview of the next chapter.


A Reclaiming Equestria Story Featuring DCAU Batman and Woman Woman

Chapter Seven: Ponyville

The darkness of the alley seemed so far away. Sounds of people leaving the theater echoed from behind the family crossing the alley toward the waiting car. Bruce felt the hand of his father touch his shoulder as he held the rolled up advertisement in his hand. He waved it in the air, acting like sword fighter he’d watched on the silver screen. It was at that moment he felt the air changing. The lone individual stepped out, and he watched as the handgun came out.

“Let’s start with the Lady’s pretty pearls.”

Bruce watched his father move, somehow he knew it was to protect them, and in that instant the gun went off. His father clutched his chest, gasping for a breath that would never come, and in an instant later his mother joined his father. The gunman moved closer, impossibly large, the revolver he held seemingly far more imposing than anything his young mind had ever seen.

“Sorry Kid, can’t have a witness.”

“Begone foul dream!”

The voice echoed and Bruce watched as the gunman vanished in a puff of smoke. There below him his parents disappeared, leaving a confused and hurt child in their absence. He looked up the one that had spoken, and she took form. She neared him, and he felt himself change. No longer was he the seven year old boy that had lost his parents thanks to a punk with a gun, but instead he was the vengeance that had taken the boy’s place.

“Princess Luna,” Bruce acknowledged her presence.

She touched his arm, “This dream speaks of memories, it seems less of a fearful dream, but instead more of events that had happened.”

He looked at the alley, and even though he knew it wasn’t real he had every detail memorized. The sound of the echo of footsteps, the smell of rot and refuse that had made its way up the storm drains, and finally the death that hung thick like the mists the rolled down the alley itself. He heard the sound of footsteps, and he saw her. His Princess moved toward them. Her eyes wide with wonder, or they were until she saw him. Instantly she understood what had happened, and she moved toward him.

She hadn’t actually seen the alley like this. Oh, that wasn’t to say that she hadn’t visited the alley back in Gotham. She had visited it with Bruce on the anniversary of his parents death. Two roses left for the people who had ended up helping him to become the man he had become. There had been moments she considered asking Hades for the chance to meet her mother and father in law. The one reason she hadn’t done so is because of what Hades had admitted the last time she talked with him. Any favor, no matter the reason, had to be signed off on a contract.

Slowly the alley around them began to turn into smoke, and after a few moments it was gone completely. Diana felt the dream world disappear, and her eyes fluttered open to see Bruce lying beside her. His own piercing blue eyes seemed to study her closely. It was a comfort to wake beside him. There was no weakness in admitting Bruce had become her other half. If she could have moved closer to him she would, but as it was she was pressed as closely as their bodies would allow.

Even without the cowl most would be hard pressed to see Bruce’s emotions, or at least to see what his real emotions were. There was of course the emotions he presented as his disguise, but that was nothing more than years of practice and acting. However Diana was blessed in that she knew him, and she could see the pain residing inside of him. That dream was one that still haunted him. The memories of what happened to his parents refused to leave him, and for all rights and purposes it was his curse.

Before he could say a word she kissed him. Her lips finding the purchase she desired, and then she moved her hands to his back. They had been here for some time, but neither had taken solace in each other. But at this moment she wanted to give him the solace she could afford. She broke the kiss, her lips tracing down his neck, and she inwardly grinned as she felt the first shiver of pleasure ripple through him. Their time together had taught her so much, and one of those lessons was learning the roadmap that was Bruce’s body. Every scar, every sensitive spot, every single one was mapped out in her mind. And of course he had done the same. There was places on her that she knew if he touched just right would cause her to nearly blackout from pleasure.

This wasn’t about her, or at least it wasn’t yet. This was about him, and she made her way down to her waiting prize. There was an agonizing moment of nothing, and then Bruce felt the heavens open as Diana’s lips touched what she was after. She was a warrior, an Amazon, and a powerful woman in every sense of the word. Their marriage had proven how headstrong she could be, and she was every bit as headstrong as he had been. This was more than either of them scratching an itch. This was finding peace, of dealing with what happened, and while he was fine with her pleasing him he planned to give as good as he was given.

Over the course of the next couple of hours the married couple explored and loved each other almost as if they hadn’t seen each other for days. Diana lay in the bed, looking at the ceiling, a smile pasted on her lips, and for a few moments they were simply Bruce and Diana. It was a moment that wasn’t destined to last. There was a slight knock the door opened, and both of them heard Wally’s voice.

“Hey Bats, I just wanted to let you know that… Wow, you’re nude! Okay, so like ten minutes?”


Wally had been fairly lucky to mostly not have to deal with the dreaded Batglare, but at this point he was seeing the Batglare, and one from Diana that rivaled the intensity of the Batglare in every way possible. He swallowed back the words that had been forming, stepped back, closed the door, and decided that the best idea was to go back to a very public place. After all it stood to reason that he’d be safe in a more crowded area. But then again he did just walk in on the Batman, and Wonder Woman, after the two of them had bumped uglies.

There was no use in attempting to enjoy the bliss of the moment. Diana loved Wally as a brother, but at the moment he had interrupted what had been a wonderful moment for both her and Bruce. She knew that without a doubt she was going to need a bath, and luckily Princess Luna had shown her the bathing pool. She looked at Bruce who was starting to get up.

“Αγάπη, I’m going to bathe in the pool. Would you want to join me?”

He shook his head, “I’ll take care of that later. There’s too much I have to do.”

Nodding she stood, took a sheet, and wrapped it around herself. She walked from their room and strolled down the hallway until she came to the room Luna had shown them. She walked inside to see said person, or Pony rather, already bathing. Luna’s ears pointed forward as she stood slightly. The Lunar Diarch gave a soft smile and motioned for her to join her in the warm water. Diana let the sheet fall, and she stepped into the pool.

It was just like the bath houses on Themyscira. Slowly the Princess of the Amazons joined one of the Princess of Equestria in the warm water. As she neared Luna she could slight places where she had scars. Places where Luna’s tormentors had carved marks into her flesh, most likely as a way to mark as her property. She watched as a bar of soap, and a soft looking brush floated over to her waiting hands.

“Thank you,” she said.

Luna nodded, “You are most welcome.”

Diana studied her for a moment, “Something you wanted to ask?”

Luna seemed to study her for a bit before nodding again,”Varily, I have seen your dreams, and I know what had happened to you. If this is too personal, I shall not push it, but it would appear that your, husband, has done much to aid you in returning to yourself. How long did it take you to not want to scrub until you are bleeding because of what happened?”

Diana neared her, “I still want to.”

Luna sighed, “I feared that might be the answer. I do not believe that I have time to give into the luxury of self doubt and self loathing. Mine subjects need their leaders, and I must step to bat, as it has been said.”

A smile crossed Diana’s lips as she thought about the phrase. Granted, it had nothing to do with Bruce, but at the same time it could certainly be pressed to be considered as such. She looked toward Luna and she touched her shoulder.

“I cannot tell you that it will become easier. Having Bruce in my life has certainly helped, but at the same time there are nights when I sit up in a cold sweat. The kind of violation that was done to us…” she sighed, “It happened to my mother, my amazon sisters, all of them suffered a similar violation at the hands of a demigod and the soldiers that followed him.”

Diana looked toward the ceiling of the bathing pool and let the words and memories of the stories come to her, “They were able to turn the tides, eventually, but not before suffering at the hands of Herakles. My mother didn’t speak of it often, but I had witnessed her waking from a fitful sleep, her eyes wide in fear, and she is one of the bravest women I know.”

Diana looked at Luna, “But she does not let those memories define her. She does not give Herakles the satisfaction of defeating her,” Dian smiled, “She instead continues to lead my Amazon sisters, and she attempts to strengthen the relationship between the Amazons and Man’s world. I believe that she faced those memories with a warrior’s intent, and that she battles them to ensure that they will not unjustly alter her decisions.”
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Re: Justice A Reclaiming Equestria Story.

Fri Apr 24, 2020 2:29 pm

Fyi Justice A reclaiming Equestria Story has been updated. You can find it in these locations!

https://www.fimfiction.net/story/335192 ... nder-woman

https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12020722/1 ... tria-Story

https://batmanwonderwoman.com/fanfictio ... &warning=7

If you want to check it out, leave a review, and either like or dislike, it would be welcomed. Also, It's sad to see the forum and fanfiction site seeing so little traffic. I have hopes that maybe there will be more traffice, but regardless, I have some great memories of spending time on this board.
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"The tips at the end of shoelaces are called 'aglets'. Their true purpose is sinister." The Question

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Re: Justice A Reclaiming Equestria Story.

Sat Nov 28, 2020 3:10 pm

Anyone interested, the story has been updated. That said, I do have Diana questing for an artifact, and specifically she's being forced to face her greatest fear.
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"The tips at the end of shoelaces are called 'aglets'. Their true purpose is sinister." The Question

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